Forget what you think you know, and what you have been taught. Vampires are real. Most of the legends are true, like sunlight, and garlic. Silver is a severe allergen as well. There is one false myth; Vampires have no problems with the Christian faith…or any other faith for that matter. For five years I hunted them, never hesitating once…until her. She told me her name was Addison. I knew what she was, and I ignored it. She trapped me; I also knew what would happen as soon as I confessed my love for her. It did. That was four hundred years ago to this very day that I was bitten, and I still hunt them down, one by one. And when I finally kill the rest, I will turn on myself…and end this plague to humanity, once and for all. That is, if you don't consider humanity a plague in itself.

I stood waiting in the cool night air. She knew that I hated to be kept waiting, so she did it anyway. I kept my head lowered as I leaned against the street lamp, you don't want to be seen in this part of the city. I watched this city being built, and I will watch it crumble as well. I am timeless; however, with my time spent I have attributed certain features to my body. Being 425 years old is not something to snort at. My silver hair fell down into my face, and I pushed it back again with my hands, holding it there for a moment.

"It's about time" I muttered quietly as her scent reached my nose. She was wearing that damnable human perfume again. I loved it. My arms were crossed and my left leg risen so that my foot could lay flat on the pole itself. Humans would have fallen to their sides by now, but my balance was unmatched, even in the vampire world. Classically I wore a long dark trench coat, but I was wearing things that not many others did underneath. My leather arm guards were one of a kind, made back in my times. They were studded, in essence bullet proof. Far ahead of their time, they were quite useful here. She approached me in a predictable Victorian outfit…well…modern Victorian. She was wearing a frilly white blouse with a hot pink corset overtop. Her tight black skirt was just high enough to leave the mid to upper thighs and above to the imagination. Naturally I knew this because she told me what she was wearing; she had a modern coat on. The damn thing covered her completely.

"What the hell took you so long?" I asked in a growl. She smiled at me, and knew instantly she had gotten away with it.

"Oh calm down Ryan, I couldn't find one of my boots" she said, and then pointed down at her right foot. I pushed myself off of the post and walked up to her.

"Well, lets go" I suggested and began to walk away.

"Wait, Ryan! Where are we going?" She called after me, and ran to catch up. I had to admire that feat as the clicking became a bit louder. That girl had balance that rivaled my own…rivaled it, not matched. I decided to be a smart-ass and show her why wearing boots with heals was not a good idea. She was still catching up to me when she saw me stop running, and knew exactly what was about to happen. I glanced around the street to see if anyone was watching, then I stopped caring about them. I bent my legs and coiled my muscles, then shot into the air like a huge spring. My coat flapping madly as I rose higher and higher into the air, about 3 stories to be precise. This was true ecstasy, pain always helps the experience, but it is annoying at times so I do my best to avoid it. When my body finally got to the roof I shifted my weight to land on it. No sound what so ever. Addison looked up at me and shook her head, her black hair flailing all over the place. As I watched she disappeared.

"She chose the less conspicuous way…also the least fun" I said, then laughed as she appeared next to me.

"Why must you always try to get attention?" She asked me, annoyed as usual but loving me all the same. I just smiled at her; she knew the answer…because I could. She smiled back, the fun we were going to have tonight was not worth ruining over a stupid argument that she knew she would lose anyway.

"So what are we doing Ryan? I'm bored and I don't want to stand on a roof top all night!" She stamped her foot down for added emphasis to the sentence. My turn to shake my head.

"When have you ever known me to be boring?" I asked in an English accent. She hated it when I used that accent, and I was laughing on the inside because I knew it drove her crazy. She rolled her eyes to the top of her head as if trying to read her own thoughts, not able to quite think of one single time I bored her.

"Fine, you win there, so what are we doing?" She whined.

"Follow me" I said, and walked to the opposite edge of the roof. She warped again. Her use of magic was less than amusing but she loved every second of it, which was the only reason I would ever not complain about it. If there was one thing I could say it was that she had incredible talent in that area.

"You are acting like a fresh turnee Ryan, use your magic silly that is what it's there for" She was trying to goad me into it.

"You will be able to follow me easier if I just jump." With that I leapt into the air again. This street was over seventy feet wide, and my next destination was even higher than where I was when I jumped. She knew where I was going so she warped over there, right in my way. I cut my jump short on purpose, dropped my weight just enough so that I wouldn't make it without using my hands. Naturally she saw this, and waited for just the right opportunity. I flew at that building with incredibly speed, and that was one thing she knew I was messing with, the ability to fly. I was but a foot away from crashing into the glass on the top floor when she reached out and snatched me from the air. It took only a split second for her to throw me higher and over her head. Like a cat I landed on my feet, rounded on her and stood no more than an inch from her face. She didn't even flinch. Staring straight into her eyes I could tell what was on her mind, she was wondering what was on mine. Without a shadow of a warning I kissed her, and broke it just as quickly.

"Nice catch" I whispered and walked away to the other side of that building. My lips felt odd afterward, so I wiped my fingers over them.

"Damn it woman, why do you insist on using human cosmetics?" I asked with a tinge of anger…just enough to make her cautious about her answer. She is the one who turned me, but she knew that I had developed my abilities far better than any vampire she had seen before, and I was getting stronger as time went on.

"You know you like it Ryan, stop complaining." Her answer irritated me, only because I knew she was right. I licked my lips to get the rest of the gloss off, that stuff was always so sticky, but it tasted good.

"Mmm, blueberry" I said, waiting for her to make a scathing comment about what I just said. She only giggled and said,

"See, I told you" This was one of those moments that I was glad I was a vampire, and hated it all the same. Glad for the immortal life we could spend together, hateful for the side of me she has to see when a battle comes. I began the cycle of jumping to the next building, and did so for a few more. After all was said and done I reached my final destination. When I got to the last building I had decided to try out my new ability that I had been working on. I swear this was the most fun thing I had done in centuries. Holding Addison close I began the incantation that I used. It wasn't needed, but the added drama that it created was enough to send chills of anticipation up both of our spines.

"Gravitar, me dimitte et libera! In caelum nocturnum volare miki licet!" And with that we soared into the air at speeds comparable only to that of a jet. To a human passing by they might have seen a black streak and rubbed their eyes thinking they were tired, but to a vampire they saw what we really were. I headed us toward a huge open field that Addison and I recognized easily. However she had her eyes closed, and had no idea where we were. I landed on the top of a high up rock face. We touched down and I continued holding her close, one false move and…who am I kidding that would be fun as hell, but would totally wreck the moment.

"What are we doing?" She asked, "And where are….ohmygosh" she gasped in one breath intake. She did that cute thing that females often do when they are happily surprised, covering their nose and mouth with both hands. We were at the one spot that we would be in our memories for ever. This was the spot that I had confessed my love for her; this was the place on this earth that I was reborn.

"You remembered?" She asked in astonishment.

"Four hundred and twenty five years and you still have to ask that?" I raised my eyebrow in total sarcasm.

"Good point, I guess not." She took a long, deep breath in through her nose to absorb her surroundings. One more benefit to being a wretched creature of darkness, all of your senses are increased 10 fold. With her eyes closed she fell into the grass. The fall was huge but it made no difference, she landed as softly as a feather. I smiled at her childish action, and knew she wanted me to follow suit. I dove over toward her and finally let gravity take its toll. The grass was soft, and a little moist with the coming due. It smelled of water and the plant its self. I could smell the trees all around us, pine, oak, maple, and hemlock, all of them. The both of us just lay there on our backs, her with her eyes closed reliving the old memories that we shared here, and me peering into the stars, thinking about my old life.

"So this is what you wanted to do?" she asked curiously. My smile hadn't faded yet, though she had just noticed it.

"Yes, I only wanted to bring you here, the rest of the night is yours." She rolled over so that her upper body was pivoted over me. I could smell that perfume again, stronger this time though. Up until this point I had been able to ignore it….but the scent was beginning to over power my ability to block it out. Damn it. She stared deep into my eyes with those beautiful brown ones of hers. I loved this girl with every fiber of my being, and she felt the same. It had gotten to the point where we could read each others thoughts, movements, and that was over 3 centuries ago. Most humans can pick up on that quickly, but then again all of them are predictable. Lately however, I have been able to stop her from figuring out what I was thinking, therefore she asked,

"What are you thinking about?"

"Hn, just that…well…" I began, but trailed off, unsure of what exactly to tell her.

"What?" she asked, smiling cheerfully. For a vampire she was quite the happy one. She had long ago accepted what she was…good for her.

"This whole crusade that I'm on, I was just wondering…when is it going to end?" I could tell that she was a bit annoyed by my answer.

"I thought I told you to just forget about that Ryan, honestly I can't have you going around killing vampires. Damn it, you are going to get us both killed!" I laughed at her urgency. The both of us knew that there was no vampire alive, or dead for that matter, that could even compare to us. Tonight was all about relaxing though, calming down from our normal powered lives. Tonight is a night of celebration, and that meant that tonight we followed no rules. I would celebrate with her the way she wanted, then she would choose to come celebrate the way I wanted, or not. All other vampires fear this night, it is known as the night of demon deaths. Every year this night comes, and every year so many vampires die…again. I stood up at this moment and decided to begin walking away.

"Where are you going now?" she asked with a bit of annoyance.

"This night is our night, but it is also my night. This is a night of happiness, and a night of angry retribution. A night of bloody vengeance that is carried out, and we can't disappoint everyone now can we?" She stood up when I was finished. I could tell she was pissed, but I also knew that she understood. She understands where I am coming from, somehow.

"We still have some time to do what you wish" I said, never turning to look at her. She sighed and looked toward the ground. She wanted to do so much tonight, but didn't know if she could.

"I have something very serious to talk to you about Ryan." Her voice was low, and sad. I turned to face her to see what was wrong. She had a single tear going down her cheek; I didn't like this at all. I walked over to her and put my arms around her,

"What is going on Addison?" I asked. This was serious…I hate serious.

"Ryan…I want to see a sunrise" Her answer hit my like an arrow piercing my heart. I couldn't hide my astonishment; this isn't something that vampires talk about.

"Wh…what? Why?"

"I haven't seen one in so long, I miss their beauty, the feeling of the sun on my skin" she closed her eyes, trying to remember it, "The warmth of the light as it pokes through the clouds. It is all so wonderful, and I miss it so."

"Addison, realize what you are saying here," I took a step back to look in her eyes. Those eyes were so beautiful; they could overpower me almost all of the time. Damn it. This time it was different though, she was talking about suicide and I will not allow that. She smiled and shrugged the conversation off completely.

"You don't have to worry about it, I may be a vampire but I'm not stupid" she sad.

"Wait, what do you mean by that?" She was acting very weird tonight and I bet I know why too. I put my hands in hers and she looked up at me. I could see right through that smile, it was so transparent for me. Just before I got the words out of my mouth the entire ground around us started to shake. It was as if the earth itself was splitting at the seams. I looked to Addison and she had a look of fear in her eyes, and her face. Wait…that couldn't be possible, vampires are scared of thing so how could she be scared of a miniature earth quake. I soon found out that this was no quake at all. As I watched her she began to fade. First her arms…then her hair, then her torso, everything turned a light, translucent color.

"Addison!" I called, and she just looked up at me with tears in her eyes. A huge split in the ground formed beneath her. She looked down with just enough time for a single tear to drop down her right cheek before she plummeted into darkness.

"Nooooooo!" I screamed, and sat up quickly. I was breathing so heavily, but I wasn't in that clearing. I was on a mattress…in a small room. There was sweat all over my face and body. I wiped my hand over my face and looked around. Pushing my hair back away from my face, I pushed aside my blankets and walked around the room. It was another dream. I missed her so much; I was dreaming that vividly about her.

"DAMN IT!" I screamed and put my fist through a wooden pillar that was holding up virtually nothing. This was getting worse and worse every night. I have to find her…I just do. I walked over to the sliding glass door in this condo. I wasn't wearing a shirt so when I opened the door the wind blew in and caused chills to creep all over my chest and stomach. The sweat disappeared and my hair blew all around. The gust died down and I walked out onto the balcony. The city. Tall buildings, mindless robots of humans keeping everything afloat just barely, scurrying about to make ends meet. Things like me put a huge stopper in their world, cause tragedy and new ways of thinking. I looked down at the hand I had punched that pillar with. If a human had hit something that sturdy as hard as I did their bones would be shattered. That pillar was two feet thick, wide, and as tall as the ceiling. Now there was a huge hole in the middle of it, and my hand looked fine. I was turned into a vampire, so I have scars from my childhood, my past life. My hand was perfectly fine though, Hn…vampires. The greatest creatures on this planet, and I will hunt them down one by one until I find her. Then I will finish the rest of them off. I pushed my hair back away from my face and took a deep breath in. I could feel the chill air enter my nostrils as they flared up and took in the many scents of the night. I smelled a lot of smog, and hot dogs, and drugs; lots and lots of drugs. That was how the humans dealt now-a-days. They turned to substances that made their minds mush. I took it upon myself to feed on these fools; they provided more of a rush when you drank their blood. I hate to feed. I am what is discussed as being in denial. I forgot their specific name for it. I just don't want to accept my fate, and what I am. I "lash out" by killing other vampires. That is what they say, and they are wrong. Though I have accepted it, I hate it. The only reason I even partly agreed to being a vampire was her, and they took her from me. As these thoughts coursed through my head my anger began to get increasingly unbearable. I walked back into the "house" and grabbed my arm guards. I strapped them on and pulled a plain black T-shirt. On my way to the window I grabbed my jacket. I walked out and shut the door with my left hand as I pulled my Trench on over my right arm. I jumped up to the top of the railing and put my other arm in the coat. I looked around and a few people noticed me standing up their. No doubt they thought I was going to jump…they were right. I coiled my leg muscles and jumped straight into the air. I flew at least 15 ft up and landed on the roof. Many of the passer by decided they were too high or were going insane to care, so they continued walking. I took another deep breath in through my nose and felt my body start to slip. I do not slip, I do not fall, I have mastered my balance. It was feeding time. I looked off into an alley way that was across the street. A four lane street and there were drugs being dealt over in the alley, perfect. No customers around, the dealer had sold most of his stuff and was high himself. I jumped over to the building that formed the left side of the alley. I loved to jump like this, the wind in my hair, the feeling of free falling, it was unimaginable. I flexed my feet enough to fall off of the edge of the building and landed softly on my feet on the ground, 150ft below on the ground. He didn't hear a thing, and I walked up to him. He turned and looked at me with surprise and reached for his gun. I didn't flinch; guns didn't hurt me anymore, even if they got a shot into me. He put it back and asked me,

"What do you want?"

"Depends," I began quietly, "what do you got?" He looked around and told me

"Not a whole lot left, but you tell me your pleasure and I can get it for ya" He told me with a weak smile, "What ever you want."

"Really now, what ever I want" I asked with a smile on my own face. My made my fangs get a bit longer inside my own mouth and looked him straight in the eyes. I felt his fear start to increase, and his confusion as to why he did. He was stinking of the adrenaline pheromone that humans secrete when they are scared. It was time to feed.

"What if…I want you?" I said just before I reached out my arm and grabbed a hold of his jacket. I pulled him toward me and he went for the gun. I grabbed that hand and broke it. He started screaming as I pushed his head over to the side. I could feel the fresh blood running through his veins. I opened my mouth wide and sung my fangs into his neck. The blood splashed out into my mouth filling it with the delicious red liquid. I started to breath heavier and drank mouth full after mouth full of his bodily fluid. After a few moments he stopped screaming and went limp. I drained him dry. I dropped his corpse to the ground and wiped my mouth clean of the blood spatter. I felt the blood running through my body now, warm, fresh, new. I was ready to do what ever, when ever. The only question was…what should I do? I took a deep breath in and let it out in a low growl. I cracked my neck and looked around the street, nothing. I had to start looking for Addison, and I was going to try the newest vampire hang out for the pathetic new turnees. It was called club black light…the name was quite self explanatory. I loved to jump from rooftop to rooftop, but magic was in order here. I orbed there in a matter of seconds, and looked for the glyph. The building was an old warehouse, covered in spray painted graffiti, it hid the glyphs. I cracked my knuckles and checked over my arsenal of steaks. There would be a massacre tonight, vampire style. I walked over to the door, there would be guards inside…and they would go down hard. Opening the door, I walked down a dark hallway. It smelled of mildew and blood, it was disgusting. My boots echoed as each foot hit the floor. I guessed that the whole thing was made of cement. I wasn't confronted at all, but as I reached the second door, I guessed correctly. Two guards stood before another set of doors in a small room. The room couldn't have been more than six feet across, just wide enough for the doors to open. They looked identical, both of a large 6'5", about 200lbs of pure muscle. These guys lived their lives for this job. It was pathetic. The one on the left spoke first.

"What business do you have here?" His voice was incredibly low, it was meant to intimidate. I just looked at him, and his partner repeated the question. They had no idea what hit them. I moved so fast that no one could have possibly heard a thing, the stakes I pushed through each of their hearts were stuck in the walls now. Their bodies turned to dust and fell to the floor, they were newly turned and had no battle experience. I had to make a decision as to whether I wanted to infiltrate and then kill, or just bust in with a huge entrance and kill them as they came. Yea, entrances are always more fun. I reached inside my coat and pulled out two blades that wrapped around my fingers, with a handle that fit into my palm. The rounded blades had spikes outfitted on them; each spike was about 4 inches long. The whole weapon was made of silver, and I coated it with a garlic; marinade of sorts. I was wearing gloves so it didn't bother me. I spun around and round housed the door open. At least four vampires flew back into the crowd with the force of the kick. I charged into the room head first and slashed at about 7 of them with the weapons. Each and everyone disintegrated into burning ash and fell to the ground. My challenge was announced, and they were going to answer. Growls and snickers could be heard from everywhere. In a way, I felt sorry for them. The fools really thought that they could kill me, and I knew that none of them were pure bloods…which disappointed me. I felt the tension in the room and could have cut it with a dull blade. This didn't make sense, why weren't they attacking? A path began to clear itself, and a tall man was working his way toward me. He was my height, and around my same body structure too, just a bit less muscular. He had his hair slicked back; it was dark just like his eyes. They were so empty, and he was interested in killing me. Yea right, killing me.

"Ryan, it's so nice to see you" he said mockingly. I bared my teeth at him and put my blades at my sides. I growled at him a little, the bastard knew why too.

"Neko" He had been tailing Addison and I for so long, it had to be him. He smiled, in his tailored Italian suit. He was one that "enjoyed the finer things in life." Jewelry, cars, women, anything that he could get his hands on.

"Ryan, why have you come to my club, killing some of my patrons?" He asked, pointing to the ash heaps I left on the floor. I smiled at him.

"Because it's therapeutic, helps me relax." He smiled at my comment, but his eyes flickered with anger. I cracked my neck and decided that it was time to try to get some answers from him. In a motion that was almost unseen my blades were away and my fist was heading for his mouth. He dodged easily and hit my fist off to the right, kicking me in the ribs. It was a blow that would have grounded most mortals, but it didn't even phase me. I bent over and spun my feet into the air and kicked him in the cheek. His head turned, but his body didn't move. I landed three punches to his chest, one to his stomach, and received one in the face that sent me backward about 10 ft. The other Vampires in the room didn't even move, the music was still blasting, the lights still going, some sort of techno mix. He was a pure blood, an elder, so why the hell was he so interested in us. It didn't matter any more. Nothing did. I roared at him and leapt at his throat, grabbing it in my left hand and beating him in the face with my right fist. I landed about four in before we hit the ground. As the back of his head bounced off of the floor he threw me off of him and straight into the air…big mistake. Most Vampires didn't know the spells I did, so when he saw me floating in the air, he didn't know what to think.

"Impressive Ryan, I can't believe you know the magic required to do that!" He called after me. I just glided there, I needed to catch my bearings and figure out what I was going to do. To continue with my "therapy" I threw a silver dagger into a near by suck head. His body hit the floor in a pile of burning ashes and a scream that wasn't able to be heard because of the music. Neko was pissed, the other vampires were pissed, and to me, they were all dead. This was it, I was going to beat the hell out of Neko to find Addison, and slay the rest of them.

"Why don't you come down here and fight Ryan?" he asked me, still mocking me.

"I have a better question, why don't you come up here?" he smiled and bowed his head, laughing to himself. He knew what I wanted, and he was going to indulge me for his own amusement. He leapt into the air with a silver steak strapped to his wrist. I saw the flash in the lights before he thrust it at me. I tipped his arm upward so that he missed me completely and landed a few punches in his ribs, cracking them. He brought his other hand around with the momentum that I gave him and connected with my face, sending me against a wall across the room. He landed on the ground with any sound he made drown out by the loud music. The techno beat pulsated in my head, vibrating my ear drums and irritating the hell out of me. I pushed my feet against the wall and sling-shot my self at him. He looked over in enough time to see my shoulder sing into his solar plexus. He took the hit, and slammed me in the spine. I hit the ground and lay there. He cracked his neck and began to walk away, and that's when they started to move in. It was like a giant pack of wolves to wounded prey, and I knew exactly what was going to happen. They started to fight amongst themselves, biting, scratching, punching, anything. As they began to break each other in half I orbed to a rafter. I reached into my jacket and brought forth a clear sphere. There was a mixture of chemicals, pure Alkali from the Gobi desert to mention one. I looked at it for a moment, and dropped it. Knowing what was coming I wrapped myself dropped behind and under the DJ station and wrapped myself in my coat. The sphere dropped against the floor and a blinding light, equivalent to that of the sun filled the room for a split second, causing ever vampire in that place to burn…and scream. Neko heard this from the hall he was in at the time and turned to see what was going on, and why the music stopped. I stood from where I was and looked to the piles of ashes, and that was all there was. I rolled my shoulders and smelled Neko enter the room.

"I don't know how you did this but you will not walk away this time" he growled and walked over to me. My hand was around his throat before he realized what was happening, his feet off the ground by at least two inches.

"You tell me where she is right now, you tell me!" I squeezed tighter. His air way was completely pinched shut, and he was struggling with vigor to get me to let go. It wasn't working. I released him and he fell to the ground, I knew that if I hadn't let him go he couldn't talk to me, so when I did I repeated the question.

"Where is she?" He just looked at me and smiled.

"You will not find her, she is not here and I will not tell you."

"Don't force me to kill you Neko, because you know I won't hesitate…" he cut me off quickly.

"If you kill me you will never find her!" he was right and he knew it. My eyes began to change colors to a bright green. They started to glow as I started to change. He was disgusted with the fact that someone who was not a pure blood was transforming. He sneered at me with his fangs fully protruding; I did exactly what I wanted to. The only problem was, I couldn't stop the transformation. My face began to twist and my muscles began to grow. He brought himself back up from the ground with his transformation underway. Being a pure blood, his eyes were white as ivory. I dropped my coat quickly, in just enough time for my leathery wings to explode from my back. My skin started to change to a dark color with muscles and veins sticking out everywhere. Last to change for me were my fangs. My canines first, then the four in between there grew to about three inches. My face was pointed downwards and I saw the venom from my fangs start to drip from them to the floor. My neck cracked and I knew the transformation was complete. I looked up to see a beast twice my size standing before me, what I just did was a complete mistake. He hit me with the strength of a wrecking ball, and my body then served as one for the wall. I never touched the ground, using my powerful wings to float into the air and then land on my feet. I roared at him and charged. My movements were very fast, but his were too. We began to rip at each others flesh with our claws and teeth. I landed two good shots, one to the stomach and one to the face. The facial blow caused him to take a few steps backward, the perfect opportunity. I regretted this afterward, but had not control over it at that time. I reached into his chest and ripped his heart out, throwing it into the leg of a wooden table. The heart was pierced and ripped apart by the pointed object, causing his body to turn to ash right before my eyes. His heart ashes flitted to the floor as well, and I took a few hulking breaths. I hated this transformation. As my wings retracted and my body decreased in size my breathing returned to normal. I growled a little as my fangs went back into their respective areas. Returning back to looking human I grabbed my jacket, slid it on and looked around. It looked like someone dumped the remains of a crematorium in that room. When the realization came over me that Neko was dead, I was filled with disbelief.

"My only lead…" I said aloud and trailed off. I lost my mind, and roared a roar so loud the entire building shook. Nothing mattered anymore, I could never find Addison, I was doomed to live life alone, and murdering all vampires until I got to myself. I succumbed to my human side of anger and hateful depression. I leapt to one side of the building and put my foot through it. I turned to a pillar and followed suit with my fist. When I was finished the building was collapsing around me and I was bleeding everywhere. It didn't matter; I would just feed and be fine. I took a deep breath and hung my head in disbelief. Running my hands through my hair I felt the blood coursing from everywhere. I bared my teeth at the stinging/burning sensation. I took a deep breath in through my nose and smelled prey. I was tired of this low life prey; I wanted something that tasted good.

"Italian" I mumbled and orbed to a near by Italian bistro. A huge man in a well tailored suit had just walked out of the eatery. He was protected by about four well muscled individuals. I smirked, they wouldn't stand a chance. I approached them slowly but deliberately. I heard guns clicking as they were loaded.

"Turn around now" one said commandingly. I smiled and kept walking toward the fat one. His hair was slicked back with probably three handfuls of grease; his suit was dark and his shoes shiny. About twelve clips were unloaded into me, and I didn't miss a beat. I got about a foot away from the fat one when one of his body guards took a swing. I caught the fist and broke it in my own hand. His scream was that of sheer terror and pain, and was incredibly loud, his fist was shattered. The other three started to walk toward me as I snapped the firsts arm backward, the elbow bending the wrong direction. He fell to the ground in a heap of twisted pain. The other three hesitated just long enough for me to grab their large leaders' neck and sink my fangs into it. Though there was much meat, I was able to penetrate it easily and the blood began to flow into my mouth. As I expected, it had a certain taste to it that most others did not. I began to drain their boss dry, and they didn't know what to do. My wounds slowly healed as I extracted the well engorged man of his life blood. I heard them stammering and shuffling, trying to decide what to do with me. When I had my fill, and knew that my cuts and such would be completely regenerated I let the lardy corpse fall to the ground. He fell into a puddle and made a splashing sound sending tiny droplets of water every where around him.

"B-boss?" one of the Neanderthals murmured. I snapped my head upward, my hair flipping away from my crimson stained face. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't keep from making a mess…ever. My fangs retracted and my body was feeling quite rejuvenated. The three men stood there, and I walked right by them. The wind picked up slightly and I smelled the air temperature drop just a few degrees.

"How poetic, rain" I muttered under my breath. As the breath for that statement was fully exhaled drops began to plummet from the clouds over the skyline. The rain drops slammed into the ground hard, and the puddles that were already formed began to fill even more. Grunting and motion could be heard from the alley I had just exited. The block heads were attempting to move their fat boss. Now the cops would never see the evidence that was already being washed away by the cleansing rain. Cleansing rain…right. I looked into the sky and allowed the acidic cold water to bounce off of the curves on my face. The drops accumulated and beaded down my smooth cheeks, sending drips off of my chin and down my neck. My hair was getting soaked, so I started to move toward my "condo". Those places were ridiculous, but relatively comfortable. Walking aloud me time to think, and aloud me time to clear my very befuddled head of the many thoughts that ran rampant like a heard of charging wild beasts.

"My only lead is now dead, she has been gone for over two years, and I have absolutely no clue what I am going to do about this. So, I'm practically back to square one again, wonderful." Suddenly I had a flash back.

"Oh Ryan, it's so wonderful!" Addison exclaimed as I gently hooked the silver chain at the base of her slender neck.

"There" I said when the hook was fastened and she let her long dark hair fall down all around her neck and shoulders. It was slightly shorter for she had curled it for this night particularly. I loved it when she curled her hair. Her gentle fingers lightly caressed the intricately cut stone known as a sapphire. This thing was huge, as far as precious stones go. It was in the shape of a circle and had prism shape to it for a type of illusion. There was a tiny platinum rose somehow fitted inside of the gem itself. Those jewelry crafters were amazing and were some of the only good professions these humans had chosen to cultivate. She smiled brightly at me when I re-graced her line of vision and drew her closer to me, gently stroking her face and staring deeply into her eyes.

"I love it, and I love you" she whispered and pressed her lips into mine. She broke the kiss just as quickly as she started it and tossed herself into the air for me to catch her. I caught her legs and carried her as a man is thought to carry his bride into the "honey moon suit". I always felt this image to be a bit ridiculous but she loved to be held like this, so who was I do disagree. She rested her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes, playing with her new necklace.

"I'm glad you like it" I said and walked toward the riverbed that was but a few hundred feet away. I gently laid her down in the grass and sat down next to her, resting my body on my right elbow and facing her. She was completely on her back and just stared up at the stars. Taking a deep breath in, she sighed and said,

"Ryan, do you believe in fate," I quirked an eyebrow.

"Fate, What do you mean?

"You know," she began in a dreamy sense, "That certain things that happen are meant to happen?"

"I suppose so" I said, "why do you ask?" She smiled and looked over at me,

"Because I believe that fate brought us together" She closed her eyes and put her hands behind her head, lying on the soft, cool grass. I smirked, but acknowledged it no farther. Just then Addison began to fade and I realized that I was standing in the middle of a sidewalk right in front of my "condo". I walked inside and stripped out of my coat and upper garments. I sagged into my bed, meant for two, and stretched out.

"Fate Addison, if fate brought us together once, it will do it again." With that final thought, I drifted off to sleep and dreamt again of her…and her loving touch, her warm gaze…her soft…gentle lips.

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