-Mamma I wish i didn´t make you cry-

I cried and I lied..

I screamedand I threw things..

but you, you always stayed by me

I don´t know how you could.. I hurt you so much

but you never ran away..

and when you cried ,

I wanted to die..

cause you stayed and never ran away

but I screamed and threw things and said evil things (even though I didn´t mean too hurt you)

And you stayed

listened to me

I cursed you for things I could not change

I cursed you for taking me away

I cursed you for not scream back

not running away

´Cause you stayed

and listened to me

And now I´m far away

and you ?

you stayed and wait for me

you know I´ll come back... I said I would

I promised you even if I didnt say that outloud

you´ll be there for me ..

you told me that once..

you said „I´m here for you, whoever you are?..."

and I asked you what you meant

you told me i could be whoever I wanted to be and you´d always be there

you wouldn´t run way

and I loved you for it

and I always will

(even when I cry and lie

scream and throw things)

I will always love you