the pink and red screams at you

couples pass you in the hall holding hands

and you can't help but wonder why you never saw them

when you were with him


and you can't help but think that

if you'd stuck to the guidelines of high school dating

he'd still be here

your heart wouldn't ache

and you'd get all the hugs and kisses and roses

that every girl deserves

you shouldn't have taken it so far


no one wants to be bitter

but when you see him with her

you just want to hate hate hate

and then some

but all that comes is this cold desolate sort of feeling

that pricks at your eyes

and the countless schemes to bring him back

that wouldn't work even if you did try a few of them


and as you turn away

he kisses her

and you're reminded that the magic ended a long time ago

February 14th is just another day for you

just another Hallmark holiday that you have to live through

with the thoughts and questions plaguing your mind

leaving you to wonder if anyone even gives a damn

and that's the worst feeling of all