The room was dark

No light for even a shadow to dance on the walls

And there I sat, with my knees pulled to my chest

In a corner deep in thought

I knew that the dark would at times drive me insane

But I cannot help it when I need to be alone

To think things over

To look over my life

From the beginning to where I am now

I lift my hand

I could see it clearly with my eyes adjusting to my dark surroundings

Why was a put on this plant?

What was my purpose of living?

Those questions I ask myself constantly

I never used to ask myself that

Till I became what I am now

A girl who is loving . . . yet misunderstood by those around her

A girl who cries about the most simple of things

I never used to be like that when I was young

But now I am

Everybody knows people change while growing up

I know for one for I changed over my years

I hated the darkness

Now look at me locked in a dark room away from all others

Alone till I wish not to be

Clutching my head

My body shook with such confused


Unknowing love

That it hurt me from the inside out

These emotions were getting to me

I have to do something before it's too late

Before I go completely insane

Tears of pain came from my eyes

Whimpering from all the loneliness

I curled up tighter into a ball

Darkness it was everywhere and it was starting to consume my mind It reminded me why life is nothing worth living for

Except when you have somebody to share it with

But I do not I am alone

Because here I am in this room locked away

From those I know

My family and most importantly my friends

My family I wouldn't care about

They are the main reason I feel alone

But my friends that are well known to make anyone laugh

Hope shined in my eyes

As I thought of every signal one of them

They are the main reason

I live like I am

We might fight but who cares?

They are there for me . . . well at times they are!

So wiping my tears away I stood to my feet and looked toward where I knew the door was

Smiling the one true smile in a long time, I walked toward the door

But stopped as I reached for the handle

Maybe I was just kidding myself

Of course I loved my friends and wanted to see them again

Out in the light away from this darkness

But what if I got hurt and ended up back in this room of our darkness

I couldn't let that happen not again

No I had to go out

I couldn't let myself hurt me even more than I already have

I needed to get out

Grabbing the handle, shielding my eyes from the ever glowing light

Smiling again I breathed in the fresh air

As if it has been a million years since I breathed it

So here I was in the light

And into a new life