Staring at her with disbelieve

Didn't know she had so much grief

So much sadness she had to release

It's just so hard to believe

She walks around with braceletts on

Can't imagine what's going wrong

But when you look into her eyes

You can see it when she cries

And it just tears up my heart

When she starts to fall apart

Never thought it'd happen to a happy girl like her

Now I feel like we never really were

When she feels down it really hurts

And when she cuts, she feels it burn

The blood gets all over the place

As the tears start pouring down her face

She thinks about her life

Then slowly closes her eyes

And starts to scream

Remembering all her shattered dreams

I didn't know she hurt inside

As I hear she suddenly wants to die

The sky turns dark and the clouds get grey

Why does she want to feel this way

She feels confused all the time

And I just might lose a friend of mine

I cry when I think about her life

As I imagine her reaching for her knife

It makes me so sad to see

How beautiful she used to be

But now her tears make her red

Just like the look that surrounds her bed

Everyone hates to see her cry

When she talks about wanting to die