Okay this is for my FIANCE I know I'm 16, but she asked me today on Valentines Day, and I couldn't say no. I love her. So this is for her. Maybe it is a little too mushy for my style but I'm sure she'll love it!

Your smile

Though faint

Melts away my worries

Your voice

Though so cold

Smothers me in a blanket of contentment

Hold me

With those arms of steel

Are commitment so real

You've discovered a part of me

I never knew was there

You've opened me like a flower

Discover every petal

With certain delicate precisions

You can accept me for who I am

Never insist on change

Unconditionally, flawlessly

I will cherish this bond

Forever and a day

With out you

I would wither away

You make me want to be a better woman

A woman you will never forget

A woman you want to spent forever with

A woman who can be there

Always and forever.

You're never too young to love

And were proof.

AN: happy Valentines Day. I love you don't forget that.