I know that everyone is probably writing one of these poems today, but I figured I would post mine anyway. This one started as a simple Lit project and I of course didn't follow directions and blew it ocmpletely out of proportion. --Kat

Ode to Valentine's Day

Oh how dreary to see the world today

Where all the flowers are given in vain

Papers are passed and little flying globes

These gifts that hold no meaning

Where are all the walks and gatherings

Where are the things of yesterdays passed

This holiday holds no true meaning

And we are all celebrating out of fear

Fear of rejection, the fear of love

I see no reason for celebration

I see the death of our beauty;

The spread of pain and hate

We pass out our toy animals

With the intent of getting more in return

Love is not about gifts and frills

Love should hold more meaning than this

So let us clink our glasses together

And celebrate to another day filled with lust

The flower weeps at the sight

Its red beauty is lost with this flimsy joy

Everyone passes these hollow nothings

Double-meaning behind every thought

We want to be deep and witty

"Single white rose floating through the night"

We smother all hope with our covertness

This pretense that we are all coy

Don't try and fool the world

All know of your devilish tricks

"The last star twinkling in the sky"

Know now that nature holds true

And that there is no longer room for this lust

For this falsified joy and pride