Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
You may not know it,
But I made them for you.

The gift that you're holding,
The flowers in your hand,
Are all part of my magnificent plan.
Plans to hold you

And guard you,
And save you from pain
And scars that will leave
A permanent stain.

Plans to love
And protect you,
And to keep you alert,
Of things that will harm you
And things that will hurt.

Plans to raise
And anoint you,
And give you good name
So that when the time comes
You can back up your claim.

All of these plans,
I have ready for you.
So let go of your doubt,
And watch them come true,

I know well the person,
You've thought of all day,
In fact, I created her,
She was born in late May.

You do not know it,
But I'm right by your side,
As you tell her you love her,
And as you make her your bride.

But my child, there is no one,
In this world that can match
This love that I have,
Though your attention they may catch.

And so, I want to send you today,
A valentine's greeting that will lovingly say:
From the day of your birth, You were to be mine
For you are part of my perfect design.
So won't you take a moment to pray,
And tell me the things that went on in your day?

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I want a relationship,
I want to know you.