Have you ever said you're life's boring and you wished you could have something interesting happen to you? Well that's what I always said until the day I got that wish. My interesting thing was dangerous, life changing, and the scariest thing in my life. Do you wish to hear about it? Let me start from the beginning.

Today was the first day of my junior year of high school, the hardest school year, and I was nervous as heck, but excited about it at the same time. This year was the year that I was no longer a "under classman", but now I was a big dog, I could order freshman to do things for me. Would I? Probably not, I hated doing things for upper classmen and why should I do that to them?

At 6:30 my alarm clock went off. Gosh why did I pick such a loud alarm clock? Getting up I woke my sister up as I open the curtains in my room. Outside the sun was blazing; it was going to be a scorcher.

"Audorine it's too early how can you be so active?" Val my twin sister said as she wiped the sleep out of her eyes and stretched.

"I don't know, the idea of going back to school has just made me excited I guess," I said as I rummaged through my dresser to find something cool to wear.

"You do know how lame that sounds right," Val said.

"Ok Val just because I don't dread the first day of school doesn't mean that I love school entirely." Finding a cute red tank top and jean capris, I showed them to her.

"How bout your blue tank top instead?"

"Thanks Val," I said as Val came up behind me. Even though Val and I were twins we looked more like regular sisters. I had straight brown hair and green eyes with gold flecks and she had red curly hair with green eyes. Why did she get to look so gorgeous while I was plain Jane over here? Oh well, stupid genetics.

After getting dressed I walked down to breakfast where my parents already were eating. My mom had made a great breakfast pancakes, eggs, bacon, it was paradise and today was the only day she did such a thing. Loading up my plate I sat next to my dad.

"Hey Sam you're in the newspaper," my dad said. I looked over and sure enough there was my mom singing at a new nightclub, her auburn hair up in a mess bun, she looked amazing.

"What they say about me Joe?" My mom said urgently.

"New singing artist Samantha McMailister has a soul full voice that entraps the audience." My dad read.

"Is that all?"

"Yeah it is. It seems that they don't have enough room for real talent in here. You were in Cosmo, and they couldn't talk anymore about your wonderful performance. They're idiots," my father said as he sighed.

"Its ok Joe, at least I know that I can sing. It doesn't matter how much they said. All I care about is that people enjoy the music I'm making." My mom said as she put her hand through my dad's flaming red hair. Then they noticed me.

"Oh, hello Audorine, good morning. Isn't it time for you to get to school?" My mom said quickly. Looking at the clock, I saw she was right.

"Val get down here it's time to go. We can't be late on the first day of school," I yelled up the stairs. Hearing her loud footsteps I started to walk to the door. "I'll be out in the car."

Sitting in the car my cell phone rang. Who could that be at 7 in the morning? Looking at the number I at once knew who it was Samuel, my best friend.

"Hi Sam what's up my friend?"

"Nothing much just wondering where you are," said a deep voice at the other end of the line.

"Well hopefully we'll be there soon, Val as usual is making me late."

"You two are complete opposites you know that right?"

"Yeah always have been always will be." The door opened and Val got in. "I got to go Val's here so I'll see yeah at school ok."

"Yeah ok bye." I closed my phone.

"Was that a boy?" Val asked teasingly.

"Yeah it was it was Sam." Her face fell.

"Do you talk to any other guys other then him?" Val asked as she sighed.

"Yeah there's Rob and Tim and Brian…" She cut me off.

"Other then your drama friends?" I sat there for a moment and thought. I don't have any guys that I just like. Wait I don't like any guys at my school. They're great friends, but not boyfriend material. I decided to lie.

"I talk to Nick, the basketball player, you know the popular one." My sister gave me a look that said what ever I know you don't.

"Then tell me what's his favorite food?" I sat there she caught me. How could I even guess what he liked?

" Pepperoni pizza is his favorite," I said trying to look confident. Good thing that we got to school right then or she would have proved me wrong. Quickly I got out of my car and walked into my high school. As I opened the door I saw many faces that were old and some new ones, those mostly I bet were freshmen faces. "Time to go to the attendance office to get my schedule to see if I'm doomed," I thought as I told my name to the secretary. She pulled out my schedule and called out," Next, let's keep this line moving." I opened my schedule and read:

1st block Tetons American History (Darn I'm going to fall asleep a lot)

2nd block Fertanan Drama 3 (The best class)

3rd block Bilingsly Seminar

4th block Riwols Physics (Gosh I heard he was a hard teacher)

5th block Hently Pre- Cal

6th block Bertin English 3 (Can you say easy A)

7th block Nighter Concert Choir (Love to sing what can I say)

8th block Vonigins Human Relations (Ok only picked the class because you get to plan your wedding in it and plus I needed another practical arts credit)

Over all great teachers, maybe this won't be such a bad year. A cry broke out in the hall and I looked up. Already there was a fight and it was between 2 freshmen. Watching the commotion, I didn't notice that Sam came up from behind me and was checking out my schedule.

"Hey Audorine, I have six classes with you," I jumped at the sound of his voice.

"Oh my gosh don't come behind and scare me like that," I said as my heartbeat went back to its normal rate.

"Sorry," he said as he pretended to be embarrassed and looked at the ground.

"It's fine and I know you're faking the whole embarrassed act, remember we're in drama together."

"Aww come on it's too much fun," he said as he smiled brightly.

"Why do you have to be so cute when you do that," I muttered under my breath.

"What was that?" Sam asked.

"Nothing, just asking why I have to have Mr. Riwols for Physics," I said hoping he would believe me.

"Oh what ever. Come on we need to get to drama. It's a b day remember." He said as he pulled me to class. Walking into the class I was relieved to see that all the people I normally was in class with were once again in my class. Right as I sat in my seat the bell rang. A thin tall man with curly short brown hair walked out of his office.

"Hello class," he said brightly.

"Hello Mr. Fertanan," our class brightly replied.

"It's good to see you all back in one piece. I hope you had a good relaxing summer because this year is going to be a busy year. We are hoping to put on 4 plays all of which you guys will pick out. You will be graded on how much you work on the crews or if you are in the play you're ability to memorize lines and of course act. Now the hardest part of this year will be saying good bye to you." The whole class moaned, I moaned the loudest. He was my favorite teacher. "I will be retiring at the end of this year. I'm sorry I won't be there for your best year. I do promise that I will come to all the plays so you better make them good." The class laughed. "Now off to work class. Go find a great play." I got up quickly and looked at Sam. He looked the same as me, devastated, how could they find a teacher as great as Mr. Fertanan.

"Hey Audorine, come over here and look at these plays," Tim called from a file cabinet.

As I walked into the class I knew at once that I would defiantly not like being in this room. It was dark and had hardly any posters. Mr. Riwols even made me dread the class he was a strict looking man with ugly glasses. He didn't smile as we came in he simply glared at us. I shivered his glare was even scary. Thank goodness Sam walked in or I would have been alone.

"Sam," I called. He looked over at me and smiled.

"Hey again!" He said as he sat in the seat next to me.

"Doesn't Mr. Riwols give you the creeps," I said nervously. Sam laughed.

"He's trying to intimidate you and I see it's working." Giving him the evil glare he quickly said. "Though he seems mean."

"Quiet class," Mr. Riwol said as the class became still and silent. "If you've had A's in all your classes in the past then don't be upset if you get a B in this class. This class will be very challenging and I suspect some will fail. Well now that is out of the way, we can begin. Turn to page 12 and start reading Chapter 1 while I create the seating chart." Sighing I picked up the book and started reading. Then I felt something hit me in the head. It was Sam. I picked up the paper and open it.


Hey! MR. Riwols is a pessimist. He seems to want us to fail. This class is going to be boring. Do you want to do something after school?


I quickly wrote down:


I understand what you mean about him wanting us to fail. I mean what kind of teacher says some of us will fail. Ugh. And sure I'd love to do something after school. How about you come over and we can play Halo or something. Umm that's all I got to say um.. Have fun reading!

As I was passing the note to Sam Mr. Riwols came by and snatched it from me.

"Shall I read this in front of the class." We both nodded no quickly. "You know what note passing means?" We again nodded no. "It means an automatic detention, but since I'm feeling nice I'll let you come by after school and clean out some old beakers for an hour. So I'll see you after school." He said smiling. I sighed as he walked back to his desk, my first time getting in trouble ever and it was with him, ugh. Sam said to me, "Don't most teachers give a warning or something before they do things like that?"

"Well Mr. Riwols isn't a normal teacher per say he really is an evil alien, or a vampire, either way he's evil." Mr. Riwols looked up from his desk and Sam and I went straight back to reading.

My last two classes were a piece of cake, though Sam wasn't in them and well nothing interesting happened in them that I can remember so let's go to the more interesting part. The "not" detention, ugh, what was he talking it about this was more punishment then detention. Can you imagine spending an hour with such an evil being? The beakers we had to clean out were huge, not normal beakers, and were very breakable. It didn't do very good for me to be clumsy and yes I did drop one. It shattered when it hit the ground and made a loud sound.

"What was that?" Mr. Riwols growled as he walked out of his closet. "That wasn't one of my expensive beakers was it now? If it was then you'll be paying me at least 50 dollars." I gulped as Mr. Riwols walked over. Sam then spoke up.

"Mr. Riwols I'm sorry I did it. I wasn't holding it well and dropped it on the ground. I don't have 50 dollars though sir. Can I come work for you to pay it off?"

"Sam no don't," I whispered. He shushed me. For a moment no one spoke.

"Ok Sam, for the next month you'll come every day after school and do work for me. I also will be notifying your parents of this." He walked back to his closet. "You can leave now, I see you tomorrow Sam." After we got out of the room and shut the door I pinned Sam against the wall. "Why did you do that?" I asked.

"I know you can't possibly stay after school every day and I also know you can't afford to pay him 50 dollars."

"But still I feel really guilty. You know I owe you huge. Anything you need just ask me and I'll do it, unless it's illegal."

"Audorine you don't owe me anything I choose to this because you're my friend." I let him go. "Well remember if you need anything.." He interrupted, "Yes, yes I'll come to you."

"Let's go to my place I promised to beat you in Halo." I said as I put my arm through his. He laughed.

"It's going to be me that's going to beat you!"

"What ever I'm so going to beat you!" I said as we raced to my car.

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