Hearken to me

And hear the tale

Of a delightful young man

Who one day set sail

Companions with Brom

Not overseas, and not overland,

But atop great Saphira

With blade close at hand

Now this Saphira

A dragon was she

Sapphire blue

A wonder to see

So offwards they ran

To catch the Ra'zac

And achieve sweet revenge

For compassion they lack

Catch them they tried

And fast did they go

But, alas, they were caught

By the interminable foe

Escape did they

With the help of a friend

Through the desert they flew

Lest they meet their end

No longer they chased
but fleeing from death

Predator to prey

Absconding death's icy breath

Refuge was sought

By the mythical Varden

Refuge they gave

A blessed pardon

The armies that chased them

Knocked upon the door

Driven off they were

Which was, indeed, quite a chore

The kindly folks that saved them

Were rebels of the king

Against him they fought

And the terror he may bring

But he did not cease

Their death he did pursue

And sent more soldiers

So their lives they would rue

They fought for their being

And victory was won

Defeating his men

With the fall of the sun

Eragon he was named

A forgotten legacy

The dragon riders reborn

A story none could foresee