Hey, Dad

Friends tell me

I can't hate you.

I get so tired of it all.

If you don't

Want me to hate you,

Why do you act like this at all?

Don't you know

It's stupid?

Don't you know

You waste my time?

Don't you know

I'm tired of having

To lie all the time?

It sucks to have to say something

We both know I don't mean.

Cuz what I really want to say,

Of course it's way too mean.

You wonder why

I can't tell you

What's happening in my life.

We both know the answer.

Why can't we end this strife?

So why don't we

Just end this thing?

We know it wastes our time.

We know it's all pretend,

But somehow we can't go.

Like in the stories,

Where someone sees the corpse,

And can't force herself to leave.