i'm easy like pills
like the pills you took in spite of me and my easy
and i know i'll never get over the things you did
i've known that since that day I told that boy (who wants so badly for me to be easy with him -as i was with you) that you did things i'll never get over
and i didn't say what
but i didn't need to
he already knew (my silence whispered it while i wasn't looking)
it was between the nervous confession lines i gave him
trying to convince him that my novelty is only a string of excuses i knit my life with
that kissing the lips that extend from beat blue and red shoes won't fix him
i've kissed my own lips enough to know that
and it hasn't gotten me anywhere
("But I wish it had," my silence whispered while I wasn't listening.)

(Author's Note: I'm sorry I haven't been writing; my computer shot craps after our basement flooded and it has yet to be fixed. I've also been busy with college applications and the like, but I just sent in my last one today -my RISD app. I'm up against 3,000 other applicants, but I'm trying anyways...In case you're one of the people whining about my lack of story updates, feel free to keep whining because it's probably not going to happen any time soon considering all of those files are on my broken computer. However, I've been working on a beautiful, poetic, fairy tale re-write of my old Escape The Rain With Wishes story, which is dramatically different and I may post eventually. I want to get most, if not all, of it written before I start posting. It's lovely though and is one of those rare stories I write that has an actual (GASP) -plot! And the ending, oh, the ending is going to be good! I hate stories with lame endings, but this one will not be one of those. Watch me jinx it...)