'So, how was the date?' Hol asked me.

It was a hot afternoon. No work, so both of us were lounging around my house in front of the TV, watching something terrible called 'She Spies.'

'It wasn't a date.'

'Oh really? But didn't you have lunch together and spend the whole after noon together? That

sounds like a date to me.'

'Holly… it wasn't a date. Maybe it was… either way, I had a good time.' Just thinking about yesterday afternoon puts a smile on my face. After we played on the playground, he drove me home and he promised to call me.

'So… are you serious about him? Cause I was just wondering… cause we don't really know him, neither do you actually.'

'Are you still going on about that?' When I arrived home last night I had a very apologetic Hol on the phone apologising for the slight argument that we had.

'Well… I'm sorry, but there is something about him. Don't you think it's a bit strange the way you met? I just think you should find more about him.'

'If I remember correctly, it was you who pushed me into seeing a movie with Jason.'

'That was before he hurt you.' I try to focus on the antic of Dee Dee and Co. It really isn't fair of Hol to judge him. Jason is a good guy. And it's not as if were going to get married. We only met just over a week ago.

'Liv… just think about what I'm saying. Don't fall to hard for this guy before you know him completely. That's all I'm saying.'

'Ok. But please don't try to mess this up for me. I like him.'

'I wont.' And we hug. It was a perfectly tacky moment, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Despite the fact that she hated my… what was he?… hated Jason, Hol was one of my closest friends and I knew that she was just looking out for me.

'When am I going to meet him?'

'You met him at the cinema last week.'

'No, that wasn't a proper meeting. And what about Chase?'

'What about me?' Chase walked into the room baring gifts of Cheezles and a bottle of Diet Coke.

'I was just saying to Liv that we need a proper introduction of Jason.'

'You mean proper interrogation.'

'Would we do that to you? We just want to meet him.' Chase and Hol gave me identical innocent grins. Sometimes I wonder what's going on with them.

'How about we go out together on Friday night? Evermore are playing down at the Den.'


'This is perfect!' Hol squealed as soon as Liv was out of listening range.

'What's so perfect about it? I didn't know you were such an Evermore fan. I thought you said that their music is just for old people or teenyboppers.' Chase said in a confused tone.

'It is. But this gives you a perfect time to look around his room. He won't be home so you will have no problems getting caught. This is such a good plan. I am such a genius!'

'What about you?'

'What about me?'

'I thought that you would be with me. Where will you be when this is going on?'

'At the Den with Liv and lover boy. Liv might be suspicious if you and I don't turn up. Seriously… you are lucky that I am the brains behind this operation.'

'Holly.. I think that you forget that I don't want to be a part of this operation!'

'Chase, keep your voice down, we don't want Liv to know whats going on.'

'And what is going on?' Liv walked into the room and put down the bowl of peanut butter cookies on the floor in front of the other two.

'That… that…' Chase stuttered.

'That we are together.' Hol blurted out ignoring surprised looks from Liv and Chase. 'Yeah,' Hol continued,' we didn't want you to feel left out. We have been the three amigos for so long we just didn't want things to change between the three of us, just cause things are different between Chase and me.'

'Chase… how long has this been going on for?' Liv just looked shocked. The thought of the two of them together was ludicrous.

'About a week.' Holly jumped in and supplied for Chase. He just sat there looking like a fish with his mouth opening like he was about to say something and then closing. Open, closed, open, closed, open…

Liv lunged at the two of them crushing them both in a bone-snapping hug.

'I'm so happy for the both of you!!!! This is so cool.'

'Yeah,' answered Chase after he finally trusted himself to speak again. 'Real cool.' Liv missed the look that he directed at Hol. If looks could kill….

To: Liv87

From: JTrocks


I just got home from my grandparents house. They love to see me every now and then. Nonna keeps telling me that I need to eat more. I swear that she fed me more than half a horse. I'll never be hungry again. I got you message about Friday night. I'd love to come and meet you friends but I have my parents wedding anniversary and I'm planning on cooking a feast for them. Yes… I can cook, its one of my many hidden talents. Say hi to your friends for me.

Miss you.



Okay, I know that what's going to happen next is not only predictable but also kinda very unlikely, but it was all I could think of. This story is kinda crashing and burning. The characters and the way the story is told have changed since the first chapter, but I still like it. No offence for anyone who likes Evermore. I personally love them! For one day is the best song on their album. They are playing at a club near me but I'm only 17 so I can't see them. It is not fair. Oh well. Enough from me