Ryan Gelan was in a place he managed to find himself more times then he had thought possible in a lifetime. Jail.

As with several other times, he wasn't sure about the reason he was being confined this time, but he was only mildly amused by the fact that it was in a cell that he recognized. In fact, not only did Ryan recognize the cell, but also the arresting officers as well as the police HQ, the street it was located on, and even the town itself. This wouldn't have seemed odd, except for the fact that Ryan had never set foot in that particular town, been on that particular street, in that specific building, meet those specific cops, or even seen that exact jail cell.

And yet, he had seen them a million times before. He'd even traced the cracks in the wall of his cell with his finger before. Just not this cell.

Ryan had made up his own set of rules for occasions like this, but sometimes, it's fun to go outside the rules.

"Hey, Kickin Greenjeans! Mind telling me what I'm in here for?"

One of the two arresting officers stopped in his tracks, and in a voice saved for those that cross the line, spoke very slowly, "My name is not Kickin Greenjeans. My name is-"

"Kico Ghrean-Geens."

The officer practically ran into the bars of the cell, and stopped, shocked and confused, "I didn't tell you my name, not even my family name, so how did-"

"How did I guess you're nickname that's shared by you and only 3 other people?" Ryan went to lie down on the small cot in the cell, hands behind his head, "Because at one point, you shared it with 4 other people. Or you might have at some point, it's hard to remember."

Officer Ghrean-Geens could feel fury beginning to work its way through him, for some reason this kid seemed familiar to him, but couldn't explain why or how. "Look, kid, just don't call me that, it's…"

"Weird?" Ryan finished with a smirk, "Fine, so long as you tell me what I'm in here for…Kickin."

The cop flinched at the name, but let it slide, some people just took longer to learn then others, "You didn't have any papers."

"Neither did anybody else on that street."

"Maybe, but they were all human."

Ryan's smirk seemed to freeze, "You think I'm not?"

Officer Ghrean-Geens reached through the bars and plucked something from Ryan's wrist, and held up what appeared to be a small crystal, "This," He shook the crystal a bit, "Says that you're not, and since it's normally procedure to take the catalytic crystal from a tech…" The cop pocketed the crystal, "Now I don't expect you really know how to use this, otherwise you wouldn't be here, but I think I'll keep it for my own piece of mind, don't want you turning into a giant robot and escaping."

"Is that what it's for?"

"Yeah, but now I can expect a nice quiet evening."

"Ever hear the saying expect the unexpected?" Ryan muttered under his breath.

"Huh? What was that?"

"I was asking if you had a watch or something?" Ryan asked, innocently enough. Kico pulled out an old pocket watch, opened it up and was about to tell Ryan what time it was before he interrupted Kico, "I just want to feel the ticking…"

Ghrean-Geens handed Ryan the watch with a somewhat hesitant confusion, but allowed the young man to hold the watch anyway. With watch in hand, Ryan smiled, "Thanks, Greenjeans." And in front of the officer's eyes, he vanished.

Ryan had spent…well, maybe not years; in fact he didn't really have a good sense of time anymore, but he had spent a good deal of time figuring the limits of certain abilities he had. Among those was the amount of residual air friction he gave while in ultra high-speed acceleration, Ryan had only recently stopped blistering when he began to speed up; and he knew how to use this side effect to his advantage.

The moment Ryan moved from the position he had been in when he accelerated, his clothes burst into flames, leaving him naked. Ryan didn't mind this so much, since no one could actually see him, but the watch already started to glow a dull red. Ryan merely grabbed a bar enclosing him in the cell before it too started to glow red. Ryan gently rubbed the bar, and it started to melt as his hand passed. Ryan continued with other parts of the cell bars until he had made an opening he could fit through.

Once on the other side of the bars, Ryan very slowly and very carefully removed the stone from the officer's hand. Once the gem was in his hand Ryan tossed the pocket watch back towards the officer, but as soon as it left his hand, the watch seemed to freeze in mid-air.

Ryan chuckled lightly at the sight, and walked out of the police station. Once outside the first thing Ryan did was head for a store with clothes, because, while the freedom that came with nakedness was invigorating, he didn't want to be in the buff for long. Unfortunately for Ryan, looking up and down the street, the only thing he could see were a few houses and what looked like a construction site.

With a sigh Ryan decided to first investigate the construction site, he didn't want to burn down anyone's home, considering he was leaving melted footprints in the cement. Once he came in sight of the construction, he found out what was meant by not human.

The site was full of people, as expected, but most of them seemed to be wearing what seemed like modernized, medieval armor. On closer inspection, Ryan saw that the armor was a single seamless piece of metal. No eyeholes, and no openings of any sort anywhere on the body, Ryan was almost ready to assume they were robots, except that there were more lunchboxes around then there were humans. Then Ryan remembered what Kico said about not wanting a giant robot in the cell.

Ryan held up the crystal in his hand, "So that's what you do, eh? Unfortunately I don't know how to use you…yet." Ryan found a spot away from the construction and free of any debris, and sat down. He seemed to be waiting for something, as well as counting away from some arbitrary number. After what could have been five minutes, Ryan once more looked at the crystal in his hand, "I'd need a lifetime's worth of experience to know how to use you, thankfully I got it already."

Ryan clutched his head as memories and knowledge seemed to flow suddenly into his mind. It took less then a moment, but it seemed to take a lot out of him, blood ran from his nose, which he quickly wiped away, and he shook slightly, but grinned like a maniac.

"A lifetime of knowledge for a moment of suffering, a fair trade off." Ryan stood up and looked around, "I wonder if I have enough for a small leap. I'm sure it's close by…" Ryan seemed to find a spot of dirt that seemed to please him, ran to it, and just stood. While He merely stood, the world around him seemed to speed up, and once everyone was at normal speed, many of the construction crew were quite surprised to see a naked person just standing in the middle of everyone.

Ryan waved at the people, and, according to those who saw him, his body seemed to twist and warp while still remaining in the same place. Then, quite suddenly, he seemed to turn inwards and disappeared.