Ryan landed on hard pavement; still naked as the day he was born. He sat up and noticed he was in a small alley, dark too, even though the sun was up. So Ryan decided to take this time to get his bearings; he needed clothes, had nothing of value, was very hungry, and was very certain that he was on an Earth he hadn't been too before.

He was fairly certain about the last one because the place didn't feel like anywhere he'd been before.

Ryan slowly inched his way towards the mouth of the little alleyway, and hoping he might find some discarded clothes before he actually had to leave his tiny sanctuary, unfortunately it seemed that every universe hated him.

Poking out of the alley so that only his head could be seen, Ryan quickly glanced around, looking for a clothes store; the closest thing he could find was a department store, W-Mart.

"Maybe the universes don't hate me so much," Ryan commented, when he saw that the street was empty. Checking yet again to see if maybe he missed someone, Ryan quickly ran into the department store, and didn't stop once inside. As he was running, Ryan was also grabbing clothes of the racks and heading straight to a dressing room. What most of the people in the store saw was a flesh colored streak.

Once inside the privacy of a locked dressing room, Ryan looked at what he grabbed: women's clothing.

About to curse everyone in sight, Ryan was interrupted by a knocking at the door and the voice of an elderly woman, "Is everything all right in there, miss?"

Ryan always wondered what the person on the other side of the door would do if you said no, but decided that now was probably not the time to find out, "Um…sure."

"Are you sick, miss? Your voice sounds kind of rough."

"That's because I'm a guy."

"You're a what?"

Now every instinct in his body was telling Ryan that he had seriously screwed up, and in the highest pitched voice he could manage squeaked out "Nothing!"

"I think you'd better come out. Now!"

Ryan was panicking now, "I don't think the door works that way."

Ryan heard the old lady back away from the door, giving Ryan more time to think of what to do in the situation, and then he looked down at his hand, and noticed he was still clutching the crystal he had gotten in the last world.

Along with the crystal, Ryan had also acquired the knowledge that went with it, so that it wasn't just a lump of rock in his hands.

He didn't have long, so he crushed the crystal into powder and spread it on as much of his skin as it would cover, letting it absorb into his blood via the skin. In a short time, the oddly new yet familiar feeling of burning sensations under the skin told him that the transformation was taking place.

About 5 minutes later, what seemed like the entire town's police force was parked outside of the W-Mart, with the police chief on a megaphone.

"All right…Man…Come out with your hands up so we can kill you."

One of the other police officers whispered into the chief's ear, "I don't think that will make the male come out, Ma'am."


"No, Ma'am. If anything, that'd be a reason for it to stay inside."

The Police chief thought about this for a while then into her mega phone once more, "Come out now, and we'll just wound you a lot."

Once more the other policewomen took the chief aside, "I believe any injury or threat of injury will only make it want to stay in there. Unless it's a threat of injury if it stays in there."

The chief nodded briefly but got a confused look on her face, "Huh?"

"If I may, Ma'am?"

The chief handed over the megaphone, where upon the policewomen tried to rectify her superior's mistake, "Come out with your hands up, or we will open fire."

A computerized voice started laughing loudly, and from inside the department store, spoke in the same mechanized tones, "It's about time you got it right…I was starting to think you were all idiots."

What walked out of the shadows of the store was vaguely human-shaped; a shiny gray exterior gleamed in the sun, blinding a few of the policewomen, pinpoint LED's vaguely hinted at where eyes should be, but aside from that it looked as if it were a movie alien or something along those lines. Its hands were held up, and it was walking towards them glistening in the sun, although the officers could now see that the "skin" wasn't just gray, parts were green, red, blue, and black, as if a small group of people with different ideas tried to paint the same thing.

Every one of the uniformed women were shocked, and seemed to be waiting for something to react, too; and, while not visible, Ryan was smiling at everyone, until the silence and tension got to him and he yelled out, "BOO!"

A few people screamed and several of the police opened fire. Ryan continued to walk towards the Chief and her assistant, bullets ricocheting off his metallic skin. Several rounds later, Ryan was standing before the chief, "Are you quiet done yet?"

She thought about this for a second, pulled out her firearm, and shot Ryan a couple of times, even at point blank it had no visible effect. With that the chief nodded and looked up at what could be guessed was Ryan's face at the time being, "What do you want here?"

"Direct and to the point, I like that. What I want, is some pants. Oh, and not to be shot at again, it doesn't hurt, but it is annoying, and, um, not to be arrested or anything like that."

The chief was visibly shocked, "You don't want to conquer us, or to be taken to our leader?"

"What would be the point of that?" Ryan asked, "It's not like that will change anything…"

The officer who had been assisting the chief snuck around behind Ryan and pulled her gun, firing once to the back of Ryan's head.

"Could you please not do that?" Ryan turned around to face the woman, "I made a simple request, and I'd like to think that you are people of your word. Please, don't make me hurt you."

"What are you?"

Ryan held a mechanized hand in front of his face, "I don't quiet remember the word for it, techa-something or other, maybe, I don't know." He then reached out towards the woman, and with the tiniest flick of his wrist, rendered the officer unconscious.

"Now that we've finished with everything here, can we go somewhere less… conspicuous? I'd rather not make more of a scene then I already have."