Rookie of the Year

( inspired by the song of the same title by Funeral For A Friend)

There she stands......waiting

In her white wedding dress

Years of dreaming, months of planning,

And its down to this


Trepadation crawling up her spine

Chilling her very core

Shakily smiling

She steps forward

One, two, threee

They're all waiting

It's expected,

So go on and get it over with

You think you love him

But you're no longer sure

Striding towards a stanger

You barely even know

Taking your place at the altar

A beautiful Spring day

Tears in the eyes of many

Yet you catch rage behind his

They don't know how you cry

Youreself to sleep at night

What to do?

Torn between obediance and free will

So turn and run, you won't regret this

Forget about the reunions

And scandalous conversations

Who will really be counting

When you're all dressed and casually in conversation?

So run.....Don't look back at them

Leave them stunned

As you run head-on into freedom.