Inspired by 'Bend Your Arms to look like wings' by

Funeral For A Friend


I hope you can save us from ourselves

Lost among these broken bodies

Suffocating in the fresh air

Reality is what we make it

So dream to your heart's content

Fly amongst the stars

For reality is a real as an intangible dream

Wandering among the frosted moss

Snowflakes clinging to your cheeks

As your smile fades

Becomming a faint reminder of cherries

On an alabaster vase

For you are transparent

Frosted glass

Hard, yet so utterly breakable

And hiding from those seeking to hurt you

Shards scattered

Their pieces strewn among the rose petals you walk upon

Lost in fantasy.......forever wakeful in dreams

The tinge of gold upon your hair

Lights the way as you walk the shadowed path

Following your dreams as they flee from you

Watching as they take to the sky

Only to fall in your hands as pieces

And watching as the smallest of these

Slip through your fingers like air

These are the remains of your battlefield

Broken dreams and whispered pleas

You walk amongst the memories

Afraid to leave one behind

Yet knowing you must

Since they will just haunt you anyway

You shall never forget

Though they fade with time

Time cannot kill them,

And yet they still feel new

But just as intangible as ever

String the diamonds along your thread of memory

But they get caught on so many tangles

Knots of confusion and bundles of feelings

That you are not ready to let loose

So leave them there to hang

As you contunie on your journey

To find the distant sun

Hanging in a bloodied sky

Winking as you pass by


Copyright 2005CostumeForAGutterball