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End It here

Take what you want

Say what you will

Torment and taunt

Just end it here

These battles aren't worth fighting

The screams aren't worth hearing

There's only thunder and lightening

People running and screaming

And you're not gonna stop

Because you haven't yet won

So you can't let it drop

You say your battles just begun

Well what about all the other battles

And all the other fights

How about the things that matter

And what about the lies?

You've completely lost track

Of anything important

And there's no going back

There's only mind games and torment

What the hell is wrong with you?

Why can't you just end it here?

You gotta take the extra step

Because all you can instill is fear

I'm giving you one last shot

Leave now and don't get hurt

The others you've burned and the others you've fought

Won't mean nothing once I get back up

Please, I'm pleading, just end it now

Go on home and leave things as they are

Don't play today, you don't know how

End it here, today, while you can still get out.