Shattered Crystalline Path

When this world seems so full of joy,

Who dwells in unseen darkness?

A darkness no one ever seems to be able to see,

No matter how hard they squint.

The blackness, the darkness eludes their eyes.

They cannot begin to comprehend how it feels

Walking on a crystalline path edged in trees

Twisted by humanities blindness, distrust, and greed.

A path which breaks and shatters beneath each barefooted step,

Piercing the flesh with tiny glass shards, which are left to infect

And destroy.

Nothing ever follows on the lonely crystal path,

Only an over darkened shadow and an endless trail of crimson blood

Forever flowing out of a body broken, a heart ripped apart,

A soul left to die.

Through it all, the endless march of death

There is nothing to be seen, or heard, or felt.

Nothing but the agonizing paroxysm of the inner pain no one will ever feel.

A wispy, black veil over another's fading soul. A veil you couldn't touch

No matter how hard you try.

When this world dances to its music

Who cowers against unheard wails?

Those sounds of silent screaming echoing off the canyons

In hearts eroded by winds of cruelty.

The crying goes unheard, no matter how much the people strain

To catch the faint sound that isn't a sound by definition.

Crystalline path upon which the broken walk, trembles

Cracks and shatters silently,

Spraying the darkened air with the shards as sharp as lovers lies.

Burying deep beneath unprotected flesh, logging within already bleeding wounds

In places no one can reach, or touch to ease away the pain.

How they bleed and cry to be heard by those who dance to heavens music

While they dance to Satan's drums.

Falling and scrapping skin raw on reality of a place they don't belong.

Trying to sing with joy in their hearts

While vile poison of humanity chokes their song.

Ending it on the highest note without warning of any kind.

Turning a song to a scream

Stretching on and on down the path of crystal glass

With no ending and no beginning

And no comprehension of the meaning of time

Or compassion







Only ever going, ever flowing, eternal pain

Of the broken

Forever walking on a shattered crystalline path.