This poem may seem a little contradictory because it starts kind of like a witches spell and ends in somewhat of a prayer. I didn't mean it to, but everyone knows sometimes these things write themselves. It was an English assignment which went along with Shakespeare's Macbeth. Enjoy!

In a circle I have sewn
'Round my heart, 'round my bones
I cast a spell to make amends
All the battles against kin

From my thoughts they pour out
From my heart they cry out
Driving me mad
Making me sad

All that's needed for this web
Is to make all hatred ebb
Let the kindness of God's love
Shine through me from up above

And all around the world will see
All the failings that is me
And all the blessings that are
Just awaiting for their heart

By Gods own power I cast
To put this hatred in the past
So His light can forever be
My armored strength.