Immortal To Jack Kerouac

I believe I fell in love with thee

More than thirty years too late

I was embraced with your work

Hence I loved you too

And I still do

Despite the fact that you leave me empty

Because you passed on and reincarnated

I wonder who you are since you left me

In 1969

You made sweet love to me with your obscurity

And oh how would I like to travel on a bus with you

To San Francisco

And Nebraska

To lay on your shoulder

Just to shrug me off

Buddhist language you whispered

Between your wine, drugs and sex

Wisdom was seductive through belief, thought, and word

And words never lie

So many times you kissed me goodnight

By leaving your words on my lips

And kisses never lie

People do

I declared my love in "Roses"

You would tell me to fuck off

Because we are two souls

Who forgot what it was to be loved

And you loved


Your name brings chills to me

And your truth caresses me

As if I am the missing part of you

But you are gone

And I am here

Am I searching for you somewhere near?

Through the life and beauty of the haiku you created

And life you underrated

And bountiful broke hope you faded

Right down to gray

But you lift me up

"I am God" you said

And I believe in you

For you are immortal

I would visit your grave

More times then one

And lay my roses on the marble

And wash it with my tears

My Magdalene to your Jesus

Savior muse and inspiration

But since I cannot have you

I must find someone like you

A mind the size of the world and then some

rebellion is his anthem and the song of his heart,

sweep me darling off my feet with endless kisses and sweet embraces,

his poetic grace with citified romance

a broad shoulder thin smile

fine eyes the color of the water

and the embrace of a strait jacket

because he would not want to let me go

but you let me go

but I forgive you

since it has been more then thirty years too late

yet I am sure I am not the only suitor

who still loves thee immortally?

because your life has become infinity

through poets like me