Can't Wait Until I Close My Eyes.... Feeling Someone Hugging Me And Loving Me For Who I Am.
Opening My Eyes.
Looking Back If Someone Was Behind Me.
No One Is There.
Writing Down How I Feel.... Creating A New Love Poem.
Hours Past By.
Feeling of Sadness Comes Into Play.... Wishing That Feeling Come Again.
Wishing That Dream Girl Was Next To Me.
Holding Her.
Loving Her.
Hugging Her.
Kissing Her.
Tears of Joy Comes From My Heart .
Tears Of Sorrow Comes From My Pain.
Not Knowing When This Going To Happen.
I've Been Waiting All My Life.
I Know it's coming.
But When Will It Come.
Others Say It'll Come Soon.
It's So Hard Not To Think About It.
Seeing It Everywhere.
Dreaming it.
Hearing it.
Reading it.
O Well, It's Life.... Love Aint Life....Life Aint Love