Life's Conception Of Pain

Seeing A Chimera's Wrath

Being Chivairous Is No Big Gain

Walking On A Hapless Path

Gargoyle's Flights Of Furor

Seeing You As A Espionage Of Hate

Foment Essence Of You Is Just A Blur

Knowing You Always Implicate

Hybrid Illusion Of A Good Soul

Morbid Twisted Feelings Unhallowed

Love In One Big Illicit Bowl

Being Neophyte Of True Love...Being Swallowed

Anger Deeply Suffocating My Life

Looking In Your Eyes Of Pure Nether

Stabbing Me With Merciless Strife

Nirvana's Inner Light Is In Fetter

I'm Always Getting Emotionally Attach

You Always The One Who Gets Misleaded

Concluded A Dreadful Fact

Fate Misguides Ones Who's Most Conceded