The day I met you

The lucket day I ever had

Seeing you for the 1st time

The greatest feelings I ever felt

Your words stole my heart

The Strongest connection I ever felt

Going out to LOVE each other forever

The BEST emotions I ever felt

Dumping me for no reason

The Strangest feelings I ever felt

Not talking to each other for a while

The most Confusion I ever had

You meeting my friends

The weirdest feelings I ever felt

Suffering from my EX's betrayel

The baddest times I ever had

Going Crazy from rage

The most madness I ever had and felt

Getting in a accident which almost killed me

The most pain I ever felt

Seeing you cry

The saddest feelings I ever felt

Seeing you happy when I'm fully recovered

The Happiest moment I ever had

You caring about me

The most wonderful feelings I ever felt

You wanting me to make love with you

The most Exciting feelings I ever felt

You and me LOVING each other

the most SPECAIL feelings I ever felt

You and me in the Future

Who will know what JOY it will bring us

All I know that is right now

From bottom of my HEART