"Oh hey Mitchell," Jason didn't look up from his computer screen. "I'm working on a project."

"What project?" Mitchell asked, sitting down on the couch behind him, flipping on the television.

Jason answered absently, "I forget."

"You forget?" Mitchell laughed.

"Yeah. I couldn't find the tape." Jason shrugged.

His friend frowned. "Tape? Videotape?"

"No. Sticky." Jason flipped to another part in his textbook, not looking at it.

"Ah. Kinky." Mitchell changed the channels, putting his feet up on the table. "Are you gonna watch TV with me?"

"Nope. Gotta work," Jason typed something in, clicking quickly. "School first."

Mitchell laughed at him. "Since when?"

"Dunno. Always." He sounded distracted, and didn't even spare a look to seem like he was paying attention.

"Whatever." Mitchell got up, leaning on Jason's shoulders to peek at the screen. A flurry of minimized windows, and Jason squirmed, trying to see Mitchell's face.

"What're you doing?" Jason asked, trying to push Mitchell's weight off of him.

"I'm curious," Mitchell said, reading off an Internet explorer box. "Fictionpress? What's that?"

"Man oh man," Jason said, suddenly turning from reluctant to excited. "This is great stuff—and some of it's so bad!"

"Bad?" Mitchell raised an eyebrow, pulling a chair to sit next to Jason.

"Just dumb. Like all these high school stories about girls that fall in love with guys during class projects…does that really happen?"

Mitchell shrugged. "I've never been a teenaged girl."

"Neither have I," Jason agreed, "and I've never fallen in love with anyone during a class project."

"Hey, wait, what about that time we did a project on the Sex Pistols and you decided you were going to marry one of them?"

Jason paused. "That was totally different."

"Really." Mitchell poked Jason in the side. "Really now."

"Yes." Jason nodded. "See? Even the gay stuff is bad."

"It doesn't make you hard?" Mitchell leaned forward in interest as Jason picked a different box.

"Um, no. See, watching heaving chests reminds me of girls, and I've never had a 'deep burning desire from class to behind him over and fuck him up the ass' or wanted to 'grind our bugles together.' You see, I've never found brass instruments that sexual." Jason shrugged. "Maybe it's just me."

"Yeah. I don't think bugles are that sexy either. A little cold," Mitchell agreed. "But you don't want to bend anyone over?"

Jason grinned, kissing Mitchell on the check. "I prefer to be the one bent over, precious. Don't you know?"