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Liz- What's the story gonna be about?

Amber (TopazDragon) - Vampires.

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Jeron- …so, what's it gonna be about?

Liz- umm… I dunno…

Amber- how about it be a vampire romance story!!

Jeron- MYSTERY!!!

Liz- it can be all three…

Amber- let's add humor!!!

Jeron- uhh… fine, go ahead, GOSH!! Idiots!!

Liz- PLOT!!! WE NEED A PLOT!!!!!

Amber- wait, you're not putting this is the story are you?! We can't reveal the plot now!! We have to wait!! goes to get soda

Jeron- Amber, so clueless…

Amber- comes back What did you say?!?!

Liz- ok, seriously, what's it going to be about?

Amber- ok, ideas?

Jeron- I know!!! Here's the thing….

the rest cannot be revealed...

New York City, New York

11:09 A.M.

Darien's POV

It was gray and raining. The car engine roared as I stepped on the gas pedal. The car in front of me made a sharp right turn, going down a nearby alley, knocking down trash cans as it went. The beat up BMW was beginning to slow down due to the fact that there was a brick wall in front of it. The car came to an immediate stop, forcing my car, a black Benz S-Class, to stop right behind it. "Stupid narrow alleys," I hissed. I opened my car door to get out and 'dispose' of the human. Walking over to the car in front of me, I pulled out a hand gun and shot twice into the back of the driver's seat just as its occupant got out and made a run for the wall. "You just had to make this hard," I muttered, aiming for the back of the mortal's head and shot, hitting my target precisely. Turning on my heel, I got back into my car and backed out of the alley, heading for my old townhouse. As I was driving, I became aware of a flashing blue light in the corner of my eye, followed by an annoying siren. I pulled over and waited.

A rather chubby policeman walked up to my car door and tapped. I rolled down the window, "Are you aware of a murder that just took place a few miles back?" he asked in a raspy, voice.

"No, officer," I replied, voice filled with apathy. I saw my cell phone screen start flashing and picked it up. It was a text message. After reading the message, I turned to the officer. "Now, if you'll excuse me. It's raining and I don't want my leather interior to swell. So, kindly, move." I said with a little more venom in my voice than expected. The police officer made a scoffing sound and started talking about a ticket as I rolled the window up, forcing him out. I stepped on the gas pedal and sped towards

Kyoto, Japan

11:09 P.M.

Auryon's POV

There is NOTHING on T.V.!!! I picked up the remote and threw it at the television. I dragged my trench coat out of the closet and threw it over my shoulders as I stalked out into the moonlight. I had been invited to a rave and previously I didn't particularly want to go, but now, with nothing better to do, I had to go for my sanity. I jumped into my black Audi S4 Cabriolet and whipped out my keys, starting the car.

I arrived at the building where the rave was being held and could already here the thumping bass beats. I fished out my I.D., Alicia Stevens this time. I got in the line to get into the club. The bouncer saw me, recognized me, and gestured me up. I walked forward through the crowd and pushed the doors open, making the music outside louder than it already was. As I stepped inside, my pants began to vibrate. I reached into my pocket and pulled out cell phone which said that I had one new text message. I flipped open the phone, read the message, and dropped the phone.

Paris, France

5:09 A.M.

Serenity's POV

I rolled over and fell off my bed, hitting the snooze button at the same time. The loss of sleep made me grumpy this morning, and I need a cold cup of coffee. Walking into the large kitchen of my penthouse, I pulled out a frozen mocha latté and took a sip rolling my eyes back in happiness. Giggling like a school girl, I sipped more and went to my walk in closet for some clothes.

Pulling out my red and black corset spaghetti top and knee length black skirt with fringed ends, I set the coffee down and got dressed. After I was done, my cell phone started to ring.

"Hello?" I answered. "Okay, I'll be there."

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