And let the wind drift over my empty body

For I am no more alive

For I am no more in danger

Of falling off a precipice

That resides so sweetly inside my head

Where waves dance like flowers on wind

Where trees grow only their dead branches

Where there is naught but silence washing over me.

For I have called the wind here,

To comfort, to hold me

In my dying moments.

My last friend, my last resort

I call to it, and it holds me

As slowly I float down, down, further

Into the earth's old embrace

Where the arms twist about me,

And hold me still, whilst I sleep

So that my dreams remained untroubled



And you, calm bystander, have you not to stay?

Cast off your heavy clothing,

Show me the time of day

Where you are free, where it is not midnight.

Show me, and then fall beside me,

Off this field and into the mists

Where silence is here and noise is gone

Where water is ice

Where fire is ashe

Where earth is my clothes

Where air is my breath

For I am no more alive,

Than when I was gone.