Once there was an angel with shinning wings of steel,

And brown eyes overflowing with compassion for mankind.

An angel who bled for the salvation of humanity,

She didn't understand the hurt and pain she began to feel,

As within her emotions began to swirl and combine

As they devoured everything that was ever meant to be.

Her steel wings cracked, sagged, and began to rust

As she began to fall from the beauty of the sky

To the broken, dry land of Earth below.

The place where all around is the hate and sin of lust,

A place where no one glimpses the shadows who cry,

Or the blood as it within does flow.

Defeated by what she sought to kill,

The angel turned away from the light to embrace the night

Alone without sense of purpose or meaning.

And to this day she resides there still

Longing for a way out of the blackness of her sin and plight

Her feelings, emotions, she is no longer feeling.

Still there is a voice, soft and seeming so far away,

Calling out the angel's many titles and names

Hoping one will spark the memory of a love from long ago.

But in midnight the angel seems to want to forever stay,

The place where her soul is an object of Satan's games,

And her wings have lost their glow.

Undeserving angel fallen from heaven to hell,

Now living among the wastelands of man

As a demon with tears the dark red of crimson blood.

In this place the angel has chosen to dwell,

Ignoring any offering of a helping hand,

Reveling in the feeling of floundering in sorrow's mud.

When angels fall from the crystal pedestal of grace,

No one ever seems to notice or show a sign that they care

For a battered, broken angel fading before their unseeing gaze.

Her pain and her sorrow are now forever interlaced

As her being dissipates and vanishes from the land of the fair

Into an invisible, rainbow tinted haze.

Once there was an angel who never meant to fail,

But her misery and torment slowly ate away at her heart

As she lost all of what truly mattered.

And now in her own prison she whimpers and wails

For her soul now broken apart,


And battered.