God's Wonders; © K Julian 2005

A long stretch of sparkling sand

A quiet clearing in the trees

Flowers growing on the land

The spring scent on the breeze

God's wonders for all to see

As far as the eye will go

Beautiful "from sea to shining sea"

His love for all to know

From the graceful walk of a cat

To the stumbling of a fawn

From the crawling of a rat

To the eagle in the dawn

Its beauty reaches to us

And tugs at our heart

If we only stop our fuss

Much peace it will impart

The deadly form of a bear

A squirrel's indignant chatter

A peregrine soaring in the air

As if nothing else does matter

God's power, used in love

Coming gently from above

To create what we now see

A paradise for you and me