"I had hoped to nail my shadow down

To put an end to this hide and seek game beneath the floorboards

So read between my lines of encouragement

Look beyond this withered skin to the scratches on the bones

Yellow-white and brittle.

I don't pretend to be blameless

Pure, perfect, and bleeding

Instead I left my body in a heap upon the floor

Broken, bruised, and cold---

---my sacrifice to you.

I had hoped to lay me down in your field of thorns

To put an end to the question of what makes a human

So make two wrong turns a little left of center

Look beyond this woman you claim to love and protect to the girl inside

Screaming and spiteful.

I am the one she wishes to be

With snakes crawling up my shadowed eyes

I am everything you will never see

Lost to your illusions and petty lies."

S.N.S. 2/12-2/15/2005