The world blew up today,

When the news just had escaped,

Lost direction and way,

As if the curtain had be dropped

over the eyes of their logical minds.

As panic overthrew the cities,

Women were first to jump,

Followed by the helpless kiddies,

The bodies fell in clumps.

They gave us no warning

On what was to come,

We had awaken this morning

To seethe smoking gun.

InsaneI'd been labeled

I tried to save them all,

Mentally unstable,

I told themthey would fall.

They'd made a sign that said "crazy"

Which they hung around my neck,

They kept their signs hazy,

they stood amongst the wreck….

I close my eyes to their cries of pain,

If only my ears would do so too,

As the world joins me; totally insane,

I smile because I knew…