Giver, Father, Maker

Light where darkness once prevailed

Hope that cannot be smothered out

All because of two hands and feet that were nailed

A new beginning began on that mount

Once just a man, now humanity's savior

His blood poured out to clense the putrid earth

Our God came from Heaven to earth

To live out his dark fate

All for we sinner's sake

Now we go about our lives's driven by hate

Looking for all that we can get, we can take

Furthuring our kingdom and not his own

Some never seeking for him or making him known

As Christians we all have something so precious

Jewels, gold, and diamond could never measure

Yet we hold it inside and forget to let it out

The reason we are and the one that died long ago on that mount

The giver of light, joy, and salvation

The maker of us and all creation

We hold on and try to save our lives

Work incessantly on sharpening our tongues and knives

We must come together, unite as one

Sacrifice ourselves and focus on serving our Father and praising His Son

For without him, there would be no us

In him lies our future and all our trust.

by: Hunter Jolley