A sixpenny book and a bottle of ink

Staring, watching, waiting,

From the kitchen sink

Floorboards creak as I sneak

Up to the tower at midnight

To watch the moon

Scratching of the pen

Flicker of the candle

Your emotions are too strong

For me to handle

Right now

All I want, and all I wish

Is for you to become unchained

This is not a good situation

For neither you nor me

So let me go and set us free

For I cannot love you

The way that is needed

And I am stained, torn and

bound by deeply-seeded


Lost in thought

You stand and watch

The wind flickers past

As I turn and see you aghast

Watching me

Watching me as I fall

Straight down from the windowsill

Falling on a carpet of air

Never fearing the crash

I look up into the night

A black so deep it shines blue

So I look up

And all I see is you