Author's Note: Yes, this is a Valentine poem...a bloody (literally) Valentine poem... Hehehe...I'm dedicating this poem to my mortal enemy, who actually inspired me to write this already know who... ;)

Corpse: Requiem To Cupid

Your radiance comes from love
Your ethereality from heaven above
Yet when I see you...anger pulses within me
How I despise, and how I hate thee

Empty words are spoken from your lips of red
And yet people still believe in what you said
Eventually tears fall from their eyes
All because they trusted in your lies

I wish I could say I told you so
To the unfortunate ones who didn't know
But they remain blind, and continue to follow you
In whatever they think, whatever they do

I can only watch as you shoot your arrows
I can only watch as you yield your bow
You soar above the clouds, but you don't deserve to be there
For you promote a "virtue" in which nothing seems to be fair

I could only wish that my sword goes through your heart
Stops it beating, tears it apart
I wish to feel your blood in my hands
To see you fall from where you stand

What I would not give to see
Your severed head at my feet
This is what you deserve, because you beguile
I will look down upon your corpse and smile.

Author's Note: Love is bullshit. That's all I can please!!!! :)