Ch. 1: Welcome To My World!

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Hi. My name is Larenia. Well, actually, it's Larenia Allar Roasena Karesa Marsina Phillipe Destina Rinald. But just call me Larenia. It's easier.

You see, I'm a princess. And, no, I am not that stereo-typical princess. I'm a true-blue, all the way through, un-magical princess with absolutely no chance of ever making it as queen. Well, I suppose there is a small, itsy-bitsy, and I mean tiny, chance I may make it as queen. Like one in a gzillion.

It's hard having parents that are king and queen of the entire planet. Especially when that planet is Gardenia. Beautiful place our world. But it's also booming with magic, good and bad. The problem is the bad seems to constantly gain the upper hand.

Our planet has been in a constant state of chaos for, oh, about a millennia or ten. Which isn't too bad considering we live about a thousand years a piece. But it's really hard when your parents are constantly rushing off to save the world. I've never even truly met my parents. I have a fleeting glimpse of my mother's face stored in my memory from when I was maybe three, but that's about it.

My parental figures are the slaves and servants. My nanny, Ninny Fowler, is like a mother to me, and constantly fusses like one, too. She's a slave. People treat her like dirt because of it, which never ceases to piss me off. I love her a lot. She's always been there to nurse every hurt. She's the one who made sure I wasn't too spoiled.

My butler, Maximilious Carlisle (Max for short), is like a father to me. He's always giving me one of those smiles that says I'm-so-proud-of-you. And then I'll mess something up and he'll give me one of those disastrous frowns that make you feel like the puppy who just peed on the floor. He's a sweet, old coot and everyone treats him with the respect due to a royal butler.

My cousin, Deven Larkeas Mared Jawlen Icklar Balad Forcen, is the heir to the throne. He's lived here in the castle with me ever since he was appointed heir. And if ever I have met a more spoiled retch, I would have shot him. Out of respect for mankind. He pulls my hair, spits on Ninny, stomps on Max's foot every time he passes him by, and calls me the royal mutt. I hate him!

You see, the ruler of Gardenia must be the first in line with royal blood and be magically inclined. It's the law. So, I get the shaft and a sorry for bearing you.

The royal advisers don't come around much, but, when they do, they watch my every move with a hawk's eye. Like I'm gonna sprout wings any second and they just can't miss it. God, can you say obsessive compulsive?

Whenever I leave the castle, which isn't often, let me tell you, the people always stare at me like I have two heads. And I've checked. There's only one.

You wanna know what really sucks about being me? I'm the first of royal blood to be un-magical at all. And I'm the first born. Obviously something went seriously wrong.

But enough about me. Let's talk about our fair Gardenia. It's a paradise. A pure paradise of insurmountable pleasures to soak into your bones. It's a heavenly delight. Or not so heavenly, depending on where you go.

Now, for as long as anyone can remember there has been a constant war between good and evil. But only for the last ten thousand years have they been actually winning. Which is constant worry for all the good citizens of the land. And there is no telling when someone will turn bad. Officially, you're supposed to choose which side you're on by the age of sixteen. I'll be turning sixteen in a few days and am sure of the side I will pick.

There have never been any evil kings and queens of the world. That's another requirement for, not just the crown, but the entire royal family. All evil needs is someone with royal blood on their side, even an un-magical one like me, and they will have a stronger hold on the world. Another reason why people watch me like a hawk. No one is allowed inside the castle without special reason, so we won't be "influenced." Like I would actually let something like that "influence" me. Deven on the other hand, well, I'd say he's already there. Do you know what that jerk did the other day? He took my favorite cat and fried her with one of his spells. I loved that cat! And he turned her into barbecue! Poor Pussums.

And that's my world! Sorry patch of hatred and fear that it is.

By the way, what I look like and what my cousin look like should be told, even though I won't particularly enjoy the exercise.

I have long, blonde hair that I pile on top of my head, since there doesn't seem anything else to do with it. My eyes are a deep, rich violet that flash dangerously when I'm angry and twinkle at you happily when I'm overjoyed. My body is what they call hour-glass. But it's not skinny enough for me. My legs are long, and pencil thin, making me wish I had some meat on my bones there. Take the fat off my stomach and put it on my legs, and I'll be happy. My face is heart shaped and my smile is said to be dazzling. Thick lips get in my way every time I talk. I catch guys staring at them a lot, that and my boobs. I've even caught my cousin! Can you say gross?

Now, for my, cough jerk cough, cousin. He has straight black hair on his head cropped perfectly straight. He likes to go around with no shirt on so the maids stare at his muscled chest with obvious want. I just find it vain. He has long legs that are muscled and toned. And his eyes are misty grey. His face is harsh and chiseled, and I've heard the maids say he is a perfect specimen of male. All I want to do is dissect him. With a chain-saw.

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