Once a land of charm

Now filled with never ending harm

Once a land of grazing cattle's

Now filled will hellish battles

Once a land of great times

Now filled with war crimes

Once a land of Good riches

Now filled with lying Bitches

Once a land of steady force

Now filled with dead decaying horse

Once a land of high pride

Now filled with dead bride

Once a land of honest nobility

Now filled with evil hostility

Once a land of good hearts

Now filled with poisonous darts

Once a land of fun exciting

Now filled with deadly fighting

Once a land of peace

Now filled with HELL'S RELEASE

Once a land of multilevel

Now filled with the Devil

Once a world of……

Now Filled with……

The deeds we commit will change the world

The good side of the future should be unfurled

The way we think that it right


Whatever you do will come back

Never should anyone attack

Peace is the Exchanger of Love

We must be higher or above

Decide on the world's fate

Be sure it's not too late

Do what's right

Always follow the light