Funny Little Beginning

What did Tenne see?

Everything that Arkan saw. Or in this case, everything that Arkan did.)


Tenne Female; age 13

Arkan Female; age 12

Tenne's brother Male; age 9

Tenne's parents


Tenne was walking home until she'd seen her friend, sitting on a bench. She walked over.

TENNE (waving): Hey, Arkan! What's up?

ARKAN (waves): Hey! Not much. Just being bored.

TENNE (excited): Yeah, me too, though not for long.

ARKAN: Where're you going?

TENNE: My parents, brother, and I are going to the Great Smokey Mountains, for two days and a night.

ARKAN (looks down): Oh, man! You're gonna have tons of fun! I'm not!

They both sat very quiet for a minute.

ARKAN (eyes widen): Hey, I know. Maybe I could go also?

TENNE (shrugs): I don't know. Maybe.

ARKAN (gets down & begs): Please, please. Tenne, my parents would let me.

TENNE: I don't know. It's just a family vacation.

ARKAN: I know. I know. But I'll be good, I promise. I won't run off or anything. Please!

TENNE (sigh): Don't know. I'll have to ask.

ARKAN (fake crying; looking up at sky): Please, please, say yes!

TENNE (frown): Oh, shut up, you big baby!

Tenne walked away. Then she stopped and told Arkan something

TENNE: Come on if you wanna ask, to see if you can go.

ARKAN (gets up; excited): Yay! Ok! Hope they say yes.

They goofed around while walking; now at Tenne's house. Tenne spotted his parents in the living room.

TENNE: Mom and Dad, Arkan has something to ask you.

ARKAN (looks at him): I do?

TENNE: Of course you.

ARKAN: Oh, yeah. Could I come with you guys on your vacation?

they thought for a second.

TENNE'S DAD: Well, we talked it over… and…


TENNE'S BROTHER (WALKING IN): What?! Why can't my friend go, and her friend can?

TENNE: Because all your friends are punks!

BROTHER (glaring eyes): No they're not! Your friend is a freak!

TENNE: No she's not!

ARKAN: Um, yeah. I'm kinda am. Yeah. I like eggs on pizza. And yeah, I like to eat bugs and rocks.

ALL OF THEM (eyes widen): Whoa… freaky… weird!



In the car, Tenne and her brother were fighting. Five more minutes they will be there. Though they had to stop on the side of the road because Arkan had to go pee.

ARKAN (behind a sign): I'm scared. (Starts to cry)

ALL OF THEM: Oh, be quiet, cry baby!

TENNE: Just go pee!

Arkan sits down and pees. When she is done, everyone laughs.

TENNE: You peed your pants! HAHA!

ARKAN (looks down): Aaah!! (Embarrassed)

TENNE'S BROTHER: I always known you were weird.

Arkan quickly gets over it, because she sees rocks.

ARKAN (runs to rocks; sticks them in mouth): Yum-yum! These are good. Yep! Try it?

ALL OF THEM (eyes widen): Weird… freaky…