Child in Grave
A Seth Story by Shion
Warnings: Child Abuse, Strange Dimensions, Insanity, Death
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Rain poured down outside the kingdom of Gods, a woman sitting on trial with a curving belly. She stroked her stomach, not wanting to give up the child in her womb. Beside her, in front of her and behind her were women all pregnant, and most looking disgusted. Their chairs were white and made of glass, they all wore the same silk pink or blue outfit depending on the chosen gender of their child. Before them was a man with long white hair, though he looked rather young.

"You women," he pointed to them all, his arm moving across the large room. They all had large white wings, the particular woman in blue looking frightened at this man. "You have all been cursed by those demons! They dare run through here, spreading their vile sperm in our lady's bellies?! No, none of you will have to raise such tainted children. The Dimension of nothing but blackness will take the fiends in, Hades of that realm, the young boy of demon and god heritage, has already said he will take care of them. It will be called the Dimension of the Demon Gods, and there we shall dump every child of cursed mutt-hood!" The man exclaimed, most of the women giving sighs of relief and praise at these words.

After the odd ceremony the uneasy woman in blue still sat in her glass chair, stroking her rounded stomach.

"Miss Liana?" The man from the ceremony blinked his pupil-less green eyes, catching the woman's attention.

"Oh, I'm sorry." She stood, huffing and flapping her wings a bit. "I was just lost in thought." She smiled, then realized the man was staring at her hands, which still were on her stomach.

He walked up to her, putting a caring hand on her shoulder, though she certainly did not seem to like it there.

"Do not worry." He smiled, wearing a white suit with wings to match. "That foul beast in your womb will be disposed of at birth."

"But Mister Marcello, I want to raise my baby, no matter who the father is." She insisted, swatting his hand away. Her long black hair wavered as his hand hit her cheek.

"That child is a disgrace! If you keep talking like that, you'll be banned with it, or worse, killed." The man hissed, then walked away from her, leaving her with her hand on her cheek. She sighed, staring at her protruded stomach before walking from the ceremony room.


"But sir--" The same woman pleaded, down on her knees before a curtain, a large silhouette cast over the screen.

"No." A booming voice insisted. "No half-breed will ever live in this realm."

"Then may I be permitted to leave, leave with my baby and go somewhere new?" She begged, her watermelon pink eyes flooding with tears. There was a pause, and she almost felt hope.

"Miss Liana... does this world not give you enough?" The voice asked, getting her to blink. Her wings fluttered as she shook her head.

"No, it has nothing to do with that! I am well fed, dressed and cared for. I could not ask for a better surrounding but--"

"But that is not enough?" The man behind the curtain boomed, causing Miss Liana to wince.

"I... I just want to raise my child Sir Lord." She clasped her hands together over her breasts, hoping, praying she would be aloud to as she squeezed her teary eyes closed.

"Miss Liana..." He began, and she opened one eye hopefully. "When that child is born, you will be burned upon a stake until you die, and that babe's eyes will watch on. Then he will be sent to the Dimension of Demon Gods and live on, knowing his mother died because of his existence."

She gasped, sure such a punishment was too harsh. Far, far too harsh.


Before the babe was lay in her arms, Miss Liana was tied to the wooden stake, her wings tied closed. She closed her pink eyes, not watching as a cold liquid was poured over her head. A flame was lit at her feet and she opened her eyes, seeing the quiet infant before her and smiling. He was wrapped in an old scrap of cloth, still covered in blood as his violet eyes stared at the flame. She held in her screams to try and not scare him, her body struggling against the flame without her consent. Her wings began to burn and her eyes poured tears, a scream finally escaping from her lips as her legs collapsed, as did the burning stake as her black hair fluttered up, her burning wings and it the last to fall to the ground, her body completely immersed in flame.

The baby's violet eyes watered, and he began to cry. The woman holding him up sighed, never letting her eyes glance as the woman burned.

"Ma... ma..." The baby cried, but was quickly taken away.


"Another one?" The dark blue skinned boy took the infant from the pure angel, the realm of blackness glowing with the white presence. "Hm... he is crying."

"That is Miss Liana's son." The angel said simply before disappearing.

"Hm... then perhaps I will name this one... Seth." The boy smiled, his vibrant bright blue hair slicked back as his red pupil black eyes with no whites closing.


"Hades." The black haired young boy waved the older down.

"Hello there Seth. Are you still okay alone in your castle?" Hades smiled to the younger, wearing a dark blue cloak and carrying a suitcase.

"Yes." The boy replied coldly. They walked in the dark realm, a few white souls flying overhead. There were large black castles all around, all too dark to even reflect their images.

"Good." Hades continued to smile, stopping at the tallest of the castles, opening the large door. "What can I do for you today Seth?"

The black haired young boy walked into the castle, the door closing meaning Hades had walked in as well.

"I want nothing from you." Seth said coldly, his violet eyes stuck in a stony glare. Hades sighed, beginning the walk up the stairs to his room, hearing Seth behind him.

"Why are you so cold to all of us here, Seth? We all do our best to be a family, why are you so against that?" Hades asked, keeping his eyes closed as they both walked up the spiral staircase.

"I am not part of this 'family'. My mother was my family." Seth replied harshly, not caring what Hades thought. He wore a black cloak much like Hades'.

"Alright, fine. But if you're so cold to me, I will be cold to you." Hades stopped at the top of the stairs, turning and looking down on the cold violet eyes. "Your mother is dead. Get over it." He slammed the door of the room, leaving Seth alone. The young boy snarled, walking back down the stairs and out of the castle. He walked past all the castles, and continued to walk for a full day before reaching a clear stream.

He stripped off his clothes, carefully easing into the water. His pale, fair skin seemed to glow in the black of his surroundings. The stream he basked in had a very mellow current, and seemed just a dent in the black marble world. He looked over his body, his violet eyes stopping at the red mark on his left outer thigh, which was lean and rippled by the water's current. It was the sign for Venus, a circle with a lowercase 't' protruding from the bottom of it. He sighed, his hands still dry as he rummaged through his cloak, coming to a needle and seventeen hoop earrings. He held his breath, going under the water.

In a few minutes, ruby red blood began to trickle in with the water. Seth came up from the water, his black hair and pale body spreading water out of the stream as seventeen earrings, all in his two ears, chimed together. His left ear held nine, the right only eight. As he put the needle down on the bay, on his pale back a tattoo was visible. It was his birth tattoo, to signify he was a tainted child. Each Demon God got their own personal one, and his was several shades of gray swirls with the word 'broken' in black ink and black butterflies with blood red skull off to left side.

"I will be cold to these bastardized Demon Gods, and to myself for my own bastard-hood and for killing my mother. Do not worry mother, I will not kill anymore." He sighed.

"Master of the stream!" A voice shrieked.

"Master of the stream!" A similar echoed. Seth turned to see two round black things with one eye each.

"I am not master of the stream, baby low-level demons. I am Seth." The boy corrected.

"Master Seth! We serve and protect!" They said in unison. "Please, house us, love us, feed us!"

"Hn..." Seth paused. They both looked rather depressed. "Fine. I will call you... Demise..." he poked the first. "... and Decease." He poked the second.

"We are honored!" They chimed together. Seth gave a small nod, lifting himself from the water and looking up at the black sky as he dried.

"I shall do all you two ask of me. House you, feed you and love you. For I will be numb to everyone else, thus making me in need of companions to ease my loneliness." Seth assured.

"We are honored!" They repeated, lifting his cloak as he dressed himself, not fully dry, but dry enough. They put the cloak over him as he smirked, letting them each claim a shoulder to perch on. His earrings chimed lovingly as he began his walk back home, eager to begin to grow to be the most powerful Demon God, and also the coldest to his own kind, and his own kind alone.


Author Notes: Very short, ne? Well, all of these "Seth Stories" are going to be, trust me. This is the shortest, not even a 2,000 word one-chapter short. The detail's a bit lacking, I know and I'm sorry for that, but one could say I was on a... budget. (chuckle) I admire Miss Liana; she was a wonderful woman, so wanting to raise her bastard of a child. I use the word 'bastard' a lot in this story, but I use it in true context, as in a child without a known father. If you haven't already, the next in line to these "Seth Stories" is "Affections of the Demon God", and I do hope you read it. I did something here, if you'll notice it, the stream Seth is leaving is quite the ways from the castles of the Demon Gods. Now, when we first see Seth in "Affections of the Demon God", is he not a short ways from the castles, possibly (and probably) heading back towards them? (heh) I did that on purpose. The man who slapped Miss Liana, Mister Marcello, has a certain trait that gives a hint of another, non-"Seth Stories" character, if you can hunt that character down and tell me their name, (I give a hint in the way the person is announced) you might get a prize. Or not, who am I to say? Anyways, the title "Child in Grave" is also a little mystery I cooked up, but this one comes with answers. The title comes from two roots, one being Seth, this broken from birth child who frowns at himself and his mix species, and from the death of Seth's mother. Thus the child always lays waiting to die in his grave (mentally speaking). Wow! I wrote all this note really fast. I think this is getting too long, but you don't have to read it.

Thank You Very Much