By Shion
WARN ME!!: graphic themes, weird teenagers, people that you might relate to or think are 'just like so and so', but aren't, demons, angels, the unexplainable, bestiality and homosexuality... or is it?
Dedicated to people who think their neighbor/boyfriend/girlfriend/aunt/uncle/parents/best friend/school nurse/idol/jock crush/crush and or arch enemy (or someone else) might be... "special", "different" or just flat out weird.
Author Notes on Bottom.

Chapter One: Cool

The model student of a small town's only High School, Morrilton High. Long, lavender and deep red hair that bounced and waved in the breeze as she walked up the path to the school, smiling her red painted lips as eyes followed her, keeping her soft hazel eyes half open as she blew kisses without actually touching her lips or raising her hand. She was wearing black shorts under her deep blue denim dress, her large breasts bouncing even when contained in her bra, most of the male eyes latched on these particular features of hers. She carried a bag over one shoulder, wearing silver loop earrings, the second hole in her right ear sporting a white gem stud earring, just above the silver loop. She walked into the school, a few girls walking behind her and chatting, each copying her outfit and hair, though their dye jobs weren't as beautiful as her natural colour, and they weren't as curvy. But they certainly had her look down, from the black boots and fishnet tights to the black shorts over their panties, so as to elude perverts.

"Miss Gwyneth, your locker's been crammed with letters again!" The first girl, a little shorter than the second giggled and bumped into the other, both breaking into mellow laughter. Both girls were shorter than their idol, but seeing as she was rather tall, it wasn't shocking.

"Delightful." The girl smiled confidently, her long dark blue coloured nails running through her hair as she stopped in front of her locker, number two-thee-six, meaning she was a second year. She delicately spun the lock to a specific combo, opening the locker to a mound of letters. She shuffled them, stacking them neatly on the shelf she had put in under the slits in the locker specifically to catch the letters. She then put her bag in the locker, taking out a single book before closing the locker. She continued to smile as she walked to her classroom, the two girls heading off to their own classes as well.

The school knew her as Gwyneth Hallowell, the model girl with her own fan club, drone clones and a million crushes on her. She was kind, caring, always smiling, and never took up any date offer, from anyone.

She was the ultimate cool.


"Miss Gwyneth, you don't have to touch up your make-up, you look great already!" One of the look-alike girls giggled, all three of them in front of the girls' bathroom mirror, touching up their make-up.

"Well Zinnia, I want to uphold my image." Gwyneth smiled, then pursed her lips together to make sure her lipstick was flawless.

"Oh Miss Gwyneth, you could be our idol if you wore mud to school!" The second clone giggled.

"Why thank you Acacia." Gwyneth smiled once more. The other two finished their make-up and the three left the bathroom together, Gwyneth stopping right outside the door. The boy's bathroom door was open again, as anyone leaving the girl's bathroom could see. "Why don't you two go back to class ahead of me? I'll catch up." Gwyneth assured.

"Okay Miss Gwyneth!" The two girls said together, giggling as they walked away. Gwyneth let out a sigh, making sure no one else was around, and listening to make sure the boy's bathroom was empty before walking in, knowing that it was still the middle of a class and the chances of someone coming by were slim. She looked around cautiously once more, standing in front of a urinal and lifting her dress, then sighing and going into a stall.

In the stall next to the newly occupied one was a boy in all black, feet up as he sat on the toilet, headphones on and walkman in the pocket of his pants. He had on black cargo pants and a black tank top, seven silver chains around his neck and a diamond earring in his left thumb fingernail. He also had one in his upper left ear and a bolt through his left eyebrow, seeming to favor the side for his piercings. He blinked his golden eyes, stopping his walkman and shoving the headphones into his pocket with the walkman before standing on the toilet and looking over the stall.

"Duh-uuude!" He grinned, his black hair shaking over his eyes, though it didn't even hit the back of his neck. Gwyneth startled, looking up and quickly pulling black shorts over briefs, taking the dress off the top of the toilet and pulling it on. "Gwyneth's a he. Dang, this must be my unlucky day or something. You're not packing or anything, are you?"

"Of course not, that's un-lady-like. I assume you want something now." 'She' sighed.

"Two questions my friend, the first would be, how do you look so much like a girl?" The black clad teen asked.

"I diet, do aerobics, had an eating disorder up until very recently and got breast implants. Next." Gwyneth folded his arms.

"What's your real name? Or is it really Gwyneth?" The boy asked, also a second year.

"It's Baird, and you would be...?" The made-up boy raised an eyebrow.

"Ah, I am Immanuel Eion call me Mal, pleasure to meet you my friend. So, when do you get home tonight?" Mal asked, a smile on his lips.

"Excuse me?" 'Gwyneth' blinked.

"Well, a boy's bathroom isn't the greatest place to talk, and classes switch in about three minutes, so I figure we should schedule a meeting." Mal shrugged.

"Why my house?" Gwyneth questioned.

"I live in the same building as Acacia and her family." Mal explained.

"Oh." Gwyneth blinked. "Alright fine, apartment twelve-b of Moon Light Apartments, be there by six, and come after eating, I'm not feeding you."


Mal walked up the stairs of the Moon Light Apartment building, hands in his pockets as he looked at the wooden doors, finding 12-b and knocking on wood. It was quickly answered by the red head, who seemed a bit short of breath, now wearing a white tank top that showed his navel and emphasized his breasts and blue jeans.

"Hello Mal, please excuse my so-called father, he's a bum who works graveyard as a guard... which reminds me, go to work Dad!" The red head growled. The apartment wasn't very big, Mal looked over the main room as he untied his shoes, kicking them off and stuffing his socks in them, putting them on a shelf that already had a few pairs of shoes on it. There was an oval rug on the floor, which was linoleum. In a reclining chair a middle-aged man flicked off the television not more than three feet away from him, standing and groaning.

"I'm out." He walked past Mal without glancing at him, leaving the apartment. Mal blinked, then looked to the red head. His usual perfectly beautiful long hair was tied up in a bun, though quite a bit had escaped.

"Sorry about him, he's useless around the house. His room's a mess... I swear he never grew out of the teenage phase. Oh, I'm sorry I'm whining. Now, let's hear your terms." Baird sighed, holding his arms as to emphasize his breasts more.

"Well... I don't need or really want anything... so how about you be my friend?" Mal smiled, not even noticing as Baird dropped his arms.

"What?! I can't be friends with you, you're a nobody! You hang out in bathrooms and have... piercings!" Baird raised an arm and huffed.

"You have piercings." Mal backed, still calm.

"Anyways, why do you want to be friends with a freak show like me?" Baird changed the subject.

"What should I call you?" Mal asked, ignoring the question he was given.

"Gwyneth in public, whatever you want when it's one on one." Baird sighed.

"Alright, Bair one on one and Gwynie in public then, friend. Oh, and I want to be friends with you because you're interesting. Come and pick me up for school tomorrow, a little early okay?" Mal smiled.

"Why?" Baird blinked.

"Well, if we're going to be friends, and you can be my first human friend, then you should meet my lovers." Mal said simply. "I have to get home to them. Apartment 10-r" He put his shoes and socks back on, waving with a smile before leaving.

"His... lovers?"


"Okay, I know Acacia leaves for school two hours early to get breakfast with Zinnia. So she's already left. I know for a fact that no one else from school lives here, so it should be smooth sailing." Baird took a deep breath, in an elevator and going up. "Top floor, room 'r', huh? This is a pretty snazzy place for a guy like him. I know Acacia's folks are pretty well off... I know nothing of this kid though. Ugh..." The elevator stopped, the doors opening. He walked out, walking down the hall, not thrilled as it started with 'a'. He was wearing a long black skirt over his usual black shorts, also black boots and white tights, mainly visible because of the slit down the right side. His shirt was a match to the skirt, with long sleeves and a v-neck. He walked until he reached 'r', then knocked, surprised when the door opened instantly.

"Hello!" Mal smiled. "Come on in, we've been expecting you." Mal still wore the same black outfit as yesterday, but it smelt like it had just come out of the wash.

"Oh, thank you." Baird walked into the apartment, which seemed spotless. "Did you just clean?"

"No... but we don't make much of a mess around here. Now, Sylvan is out right now, but everyone else is home." Mal lead the way out of the living room into the dining room, where a white table was.

"Wow, this place is pristine. I could never imagine a teenage boy and his lovers live here." Baird gaped, almost jealous.

"Please, have a seat. New people sometimes scare them. Don't worry though, I told them you were coming." Mal assured, getting Baird to blink as several birds flew into the room.

"Wait your lovers are..."

"These doves here are Lazlo, Percy and Morti," Mal pointed to the white birds, one at a time. "Then here are the macaws Henry and George," he pointed to the colourful birds, the yellow headed Henry, the green headed George. "Then here's Norton, and as you can see, he's a flamingo." Mal stroked the pink bird that stood on one leg on one of the chairs. "I mentioned Sylvan was out, he's a mynah."

"They're birds? Your so-called lovers are all birds?" Baird looked over the birds, memorizing their names the best he could.

"Well they are my lovers." Mal continued to smile as the doves flew out the open window.

"Oh my god! Why is the window wide open?!" Baird gasped, then realized Mal wasn't at all shaken by the birds leaving.

"Don't worry, they will come back when they're tired. Come now, the walk to school from here takes quite a while, we should start walking." Mal let the flamingo Norton fly up and rest on his shoulder, grabbing his backpack and swinging it over the other. Baird hurried after him, jumping when the flamingo moved to his shoulder, resting it's head on his.

"What is with this flamingo? Wait... how did you get a flamingo?" Baird looked at the bird, pulling his hair away from Norton's grasp.

"He came to me. He told me he wanted to be with me." Mal smiled. "He says he approves of you. Norton, stay with Henry and George today until Sylvan gets home, then you can hang out with him if you want, but don't go wandering about alone, you're rare in this area and I'd hate to lose you to someone else."

Norton bobbed his head, then flew back to the dining room.

"This is insane..." Baird blinked, letting go of his hair. "They let you have all of these birds in here?"

"Yes, I made a deal with the owner." Mal opened the door, letting Baird out before closing and locking it.

"Wait, so... you live alone? Where are your parents?" Baird asked, walking with Mal to the elevator.

"I don't live alone, I live with my lovers. Oh, and I don't have parents." Mal ran his fingers through his black hair, still smiling.

"Right... so why do you dress like a Goth and act like an optimist?" Baird straightened his hair, his nails painted black today.

"I like to dress like this." Mal said simply. "My, this is a nice game of getting to know you. I wish I could tell you more, but I too have secrets."

"Huh. I rather don't care. Well, I do a little, but not enough to do anything idiotic... hm, if nothing else, you'll tell me later or I'll find out eventually some way, why sweat it now?" Baird shrugged. "But you know... you're the first person to not admire my boobs..."

"They aren't actually yours. Besides, I see beyond flesh in all humans and birds." Mal chuckled, hitting the down button for the elevator, it beginning to buzz.

"You're a total freak." Baird smirked.

"Like you're not." Mal countered, spinning the earring in his left thumb nail.


Author Notes: Wow, this is messed up! Hm, I should say something constructive and inspiring... but I think I'll just talk about the structure and inspiration of this story instead. First thing first, I have a pretty good idea what I'm doing with this story, but it's like... four sentences in my head and I have to figure out the details as I go. So most of this is fairly spontaneous. I do have full bios done out for Mal and Baird since I did come into writing this with a minor plot, but those are just so I know how to write the characters and I don't forget key things, like which eyebrow Mal has pierced and what Baird's favorite colour is. Inspiration... man there's a lot. Let's just say metal and rock music. Back before I wrote out their bios, Mal's name was Bird and Baird's was Beauty, both labels so I could begin construction pleasantly. I listened to a lot of rock and metal while writing and thinking, it was really fun. Baird's name means "one who sings ballads", Gwyneth means "happiness", Immanuel means "God is among us", Eion means "the Lord is gracious", Zinnia is a flower name and Acacia is the name of a blossoming tree. The doves Mal has are named after parakeets I used to have. Lazlo was my parakeet, he was green and yellow, Percy was blue and Morti looked like Lazlo, but we later found out was Mort was a she, when she started laying eggs (eek!). All of Mal's birds are male, and I have to do some major bird research before I go any further with this. Winging it with birds is not as good as one might think. Any who, hope to see you for chapter two, which might be slow to coming.

Please Review, and forgive Shion's long "note"!