By Shion

Chapter Twenty-One: Letters

"Ever figure out where they went after High School?" Acacia asked her childhood friend, both sitting at the table of the kitchen enjoying tea.

"Can't say I did." Zinnia sighed. They had both graduated college and become kindergarten teachers for the same school. They had matching haircuts still, a little shorter than they had been in High School, and now Zinnia's was black, Acacia's brownish blonde. They lived in a six bedroom house about ten minutes from their High School town.

"I bet their off on some sort of honeymoon still." Acacia laughed.

"Probably. I like to think of them as going around the world and just having a ball." Zinnia chuckled as well, sipping her tea.

"Yeah, I guess we might as well think things like that, even if they aren't reality." Acacia gave a small shrug.

"Mommy!" A little girl yelled, running into the kitchen through the screen door. They both looked to her in unison, looking quite like usual with matching outfits of summer dresses.

"Yes Eliza?" Acacia was the one to smile.

"Erika and I made you and Meema flower halos!" Eliza announced, a girl looking much like her following into the kitchen. They both held out flower circles, Erika giving hers to Acacia, Eliza giving hers to Zinnia.

"Thank you." The mothers said in unison. Erika and Eliza were twins, both wearing blue dresses, Erika's with a sunflower on the chest, Eliza's with a daffodil. Both of their eyes were ebony, both had shoulder-length black hair and tanned skin and both were Acacia's daughters.

"Er, El, where'd you go?" A girl, looking just a touch older than the twins, poked her head past the open screen door.

"Hey Mel!" The twins said together, running over to her. Mel, or formally, Melody, had blonde short hair that fell in her dark eyes, her skin color a bit darker than the twins'. She wore light blue denim shorts and a yellow shirt with a black skull on it. The twins were five, she was seven.

"We sure picked the right husbands for beautiful children, didn't we?" Acacia smiled as the girls returned to the backyard. Zinnia fixed her flower halo before answering.

"Sure did. Where are they anyways?" Zinnia blinked, not seeing them out the window.

"Hm?" Acacia looked as well. A moment passed before they were both on their feet and on the back porch looking out. In the grass were two full grown guys, getting trampled by two much younger fellows. Both of them breathed a sigh of relief that their husbands hadn't at least run off.

"Hey Clide, looks like fun out there!" Zinnia laughed.

"Yeah, care if we join you?" Acacia laughed as well.

"You'll get grass stains on your dresses." Clide said, sitting up and looking at the two. He had darker skin than he had had in High School, his black hair still in his eyes and his glasses looking a bit roughed up. Sitting on him – since he had to stop bouncing when Clide sat up – was his and Zinnia's son, Baird, who looked almost exactly like Clide, just around age seven and with brighter eyes and no glasses.

"Who cares?" Zinnia shrugged. Neither of them bothered to put on shoes, calling a dog pile on Nigel, which everyone was willing to perform.

"I—am—dying!!" Nigel squeaked. He didn't seem to mature at all, blonde hair and tan skin still about the same from High School. It might have been because he was a demon, or he just aged amazingly well. "Off!"

Most complied, except Acacia and their son Immanuel, who kept on him for moral support. Clide took Baird to the mail box, knowing the mail man had stopped by not too long before.

"Mommy, Meema!" Baird came running back at mach 3, shoving a letter up the two women's noses.

"Yes Baird sweetie?" They said together, still having a knack for unison speaking obviously.

"I wrote a letter to us, and I wrote it from North California!!" Baird exclaimed. Both Acacia and Zinnia blinked, then laughed.

"That's not from you, it's from Baird Hallowell, he must be in North Cali visiting his mother's grave again. It is that time of year." Acacia explained. Clide finally got back to the yard with the rest of the mail, sitting in the grass between Nigel and Mel.

"Read it aloud Mommy." Zinnia smiled. It had been decided, since they all lived together, that Acacia was "Mom" or "Mommy" and Zinnia was "Meema". Clide was "Dad" and Nigel was usually "Pops".

Acacia tore open the letter, everyone waiting to hear what it said. She passed the photo, of Mal and Baird, around before reading.

"It says; Dear Acacia, Zinnia, Clide, Nigel and family;

Long time no contact. Mal and I have been kind of jumping around a lot since High School, hard to keep in touch with anything. I heard you guys were teachers now, and though it's a tad frightening I hope you're doing well with that. Not much has been happening besides us moving around so much I didn't know where we where most the time. Luckily I'm positive Mother's grave is in North California. Last time I saw you guys was at your wedding, I bet tons has changed since then! Maybe we'll pop in sometime or something, we really should keep more in touch. I'll see if I can tranquilize Mal into staying here for a little while so we know where we're going next for once. What's this I hear about you having kids named after us?! It's kind of frightening, but I think you might be the types to do it!

Well, I wish there was more to say, but there really isn't. Keep breeding like bunnies, I know it was one of your dreams.


Baird (and Mal, though he didn't write anything except the p. s.)

P. S. – Are your kids cute? Send a picture or something. Or maybe we'll show up, Baird seems to imply we will. The photo is of us at a park something or another. It's famous, I think. You know there's this one part of Japan with a lot of gays? We went there and got this cool hotel. You should go sometimes, it's kind of neat. Uhm, Baird's taking the paper away from me now, so I gotta run. Later, Mal.

P. S. S. or P. P. S. or whatever—excuse Mal please." Acacia read. The four parents laughed a bit over the letter for awhile.

"Doesn't gay mean happy?" Immanuel asked. Mel laughed at him.

"No, he means they like guys." Mel laughed.

"I like guys." Immanuel backed. Mel laughed more.

"He means GUYS liking GUYS a LOT. Like, smoochie smoochie." Mel puckered her lips as if kissing something.

"I'd smooch a guy." Immanuel shrugged.

"Then you're gay." Mel declared smartly.

"You're all gay." Nigel smirked. "It's no big deal to think that kind of things about anyone."

"Yes, well, let's all think thoughts of lemonade and cookies!" Acacia clapped, standing.

There was much celebrating, then quite the rumble to get to the house first.


There was barking as the man opened the door.

"What took you so damn long, you're not that old, geeze!" Shiri humphed, her long black hair sweeping about as she stormed into the apartment.

"Sorry, just couldn't get my excitement built up enough to open the door, seeing as I knew it'd be you." Sancho replied in a rather annoyed tone.

"Oh boo hoo, so where's your kid now?" Shiri asked, coming alone this fine morning.

"North California, ten to one." Sancho replied, sitting in the recliner, the now pretty old dog sitting on his lap.

"Oh right." Shiri blinked, realizing the significance of the date. "So it's been, what, five years since he and Mal went romping to and fro? How old is that dog, nine?"

"I have no idea. Baird would know, though." Sancho shrugged. "Oh, and considering they left when they were nineteen, and they're now twenty-seven, that's eight or nine years."

"You're so useless. You're still working, right?" She put her hands on her hips.

"Yup." Sancho gave a nod.

"Do you ever hear from him?" She asked, her tone mellowing.

"Got a letter this morning." Sancho thumbed the kitchen, where a letter was clearly visible on the counter. "Read it if you want." She walked to the kitchen, picking the already opened envelope up and pulling the parchment out.

Dear Daddy;

Hey! We're in North Cali now. I know the last letter was from Egypt, but the last place we were was actually Japan (for our "honeymoon" anniversary). It's raining as usual for this week (like a cycle it is). Not much worth reporting's happened. Maybe we'll come by when we're done visiting Mom, huh? Is Shiri still there? What happened to "vacationing"? Move back to Florida already! I bet they bought a house. Well, whatever, I hope she doesn't heckle you too much. I should really stop writing these with Mal talking to me about things, it messes me up. I guess that's all. Maybe see you soon?


Baird (and Mal wrote you some stuff on the P. S. as usual)

P. S. – The anniversary was fun. We went to this gay place and got a hotel and stuff. Were you hoping for grandchildren? I know last time you wrote you mentioned Acacia and Zinnia and co. were spawning like mad, maybe we can kidnap some of them. Not that I ever would, but y'know. If that Shiri lady's still around, she had what, five kids? We can borrow some of them, they're even related to you. Presumably. Uhm… you know, Baird doesn't bother to read these before he sends them, I could write nasty things here. He's all hot on the bed. Hot, hot, hot. Uhm… yeah, I can't think of anything else. Oh well, whatever. Later, Mal.

"He actually wrote you this drivel?" She rolled her eyes, half-flinging the paper back on the counter.

"Tells me he's alive." Sancho shrugged. "Go home already, I have a nap I need to take."

"Fine, fine." She huffed. "It's not good for you to live alone, you know."

"What are you talking about? I live with Pochi here." Sancho patted the corgi's head.

"Ri-ight…" She huffed again. "I have to get to work, you get some sleep, alright?"

"Yes ma'am." Sancho saluted her, she rolling her eyes and leaving. "We're still cool, right?" Sancho looked to the corgi, who woofed in reply. "Thought so."


"These guys are digging my grave, I swear." The blind Trinity sighed. "Why am I still on this case, anyways? To see them hump in public?" She looked to the guinea pig on her shoulder.

"They're holding hands, calm down." A voice chuckled. "Besides, it's good they got out of the hotel for more than grave visiting. Oh, and you're already dead." Madame L came up behind Trinity, her cat eyeing the guinea pig.

"You should have been here eight seconds ago L." Trinity backed. She was right, they were pretty tongue-tied just a moment before.

"They're over it now, though." Madame L smiled. "They're going to the airport now, right?"

"Yes, they plan to visit New Lands before heading to Russia." Trinity explained. "They use airports as bases, but they really just transport to and fro, hence how they've gone so many places without going dirt poor."

"I see. Next time they start making out, just have your little Lightwing stop sending you images, hm?" Madame L suggested.

"Of course. I just didn't really expect it. By the way, since you might know, why couldn't Highness Jehovah save Baird when he was dying?" Trinity asked, having been confused on the matter for awhile.

"Highness Jehovah is all powerful, but without being able to act through another cannot use his abilities, unlike Highness Satan. That is why I prefer the latter. Now you better hurry along or you'll lose them." Madame L pushed Trinity off, then went back to stroking her cat. "Though beyond that I haven't a clue in the world." She pulled a letter from her sleeve, one that had been carelessly left at the hotel. On the envelope read 'to mom' and it had never been sealed. The enclosed read;

Dear Mom;

Sure haven't written you in awhile. There's so much I want to tell you, but I can't think of anything at all. Mal and I are doing fine, and I've really enjoyed all this traveling with him. I feel so good, it makes me feel almost bad. Well, I know you wouldn't want that.

I wish I could write more, but I can't right now, Mal's waking up.

Love you,


Not far bellow in larger print that Baird had obviously not been aware had been added said;

Hey Misses Baird's Mom (I forgot his last name): I got him, and he's mi-ine and you're all jealous, or happy or something. Hope you're doing freaking swell in Heaven because everything's way awesome down here! –Mal (Your son's husband person or whatever)

Followed by a fairly accurate drawing of Mal's head with a hand, two finger's up in a 'v'.

"Time to special deliver the mail." Madame L chuckled.


"Clide, sweetie?" A rather sweet voice came through the speaker phone as Clide prepared for a meeting.

"Yes Zine?" Clide responded smoothly.

"Well, I was just cleaning out the gutters for the eighth time while the little ones were having naptime and I happened to notice flowers on the doorstep. Can you guess who they were from?" Zinnia asked.

"Nigel?" Clide sat, his step-dad eyeing the phone.

"Nope." Zinnia giggled.

"Well, they weren't from me and they weren't from Nigel. Probably not Acacia… I give up, who were they from?" Clide asked finally, hoping she would be done soon so the meeting could start on time.

"Starts with the second letter of the alphabet and comes from North California with love!" Zinnia hinted, Clide blinking. "You used to have the cutest crush on him--"

Clide scrambled to hang the phone up, looking frantically to his step-dad, who laughed.

"Baird, eh?"


Surely when Sancho got home that morning, he would also be greeted by flowers. Unlike the sunflowers for Acacia, the purple tulips for Zinnia, the white roses for Clide and the mixed carnations for Nigel though, these would surely be tiger lilies. To contrast to his attitude, or more of, to say where to meet for tea.



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