The Haunted Chalkboard

So Terry was walking down these spooky stairs, very spooky, creaky, spider-web infested stairs when he comes upon a hidden classroom. There is a low murmuring noise, as if there is something else besides Terry in the room. Suddenly, a G appears, followed by an E and a T. Then an O-U and T. Terry, sensing that the chalkboard is haunted, as well as the classroom, Terry takes the Chalkboard's advice and… Gets out!

The Haunted Locker Room

Terry was getting dressed after his mandatory post-gym shower when the lockers started to bang open and shut. Terry, who seems to run into ghosts and such everywhere, immediately assumes that the locker room is haunted. So he does what any rational thinking person WOULD do. He runs out of the locker room in a towel. It happens. A lot. More than you would think.

The Haunted Frog

Terry was staring at his frog that he was supposed to be dissecting. Its eyes opened. Terry thought that maybe the frog wasn't dead. Well, the frog got up and started to do a little jig. The jig resembled the can-can. It was interesting. Terry gave him a quarter.