outside the window, hand

pressed to the glass. Feel

the cold texture strong and

like a barrier,

and look in at the world.

A light shines just beyond the window.

A rain begins, whisper soft

against your skin and something

in your heart




You have the sense of new life,

just around the corner.

If only you can hold on long enough to see it.

The air smells like electricity

crackles through your hair

and stands your senses on end,

like a summer storm feels when it is

just around the corner,

and you can't run fast enough to avoid it.



Along your neck like fingers

the rain dances, soft, slow, sad.

Into your ears, like singing,

the wind breathes- wishes, whispers, waiting.

You feel the future, the electric pulse

of what is to be.

You feel the past, the sharp continuity

of what you cannot change.

You feel the present, the muffled rain

of all you are, and all you do not understand.

And something

in your heart

responds as you


outside the window. Hand

pressed to the glass, where you leave

a fingerprint, and a trace of your breath,

to wipe away your spring-rain reflection

on the cold surface, transparent like the

future. Strong and like a

barrier- a past you cannot

go back to change. And

you look in at the world,

and the warmth of the light

just beyond the window.

And it rains, and now

you wait.