" Who Is She? "
By: Kuroi-Hoshi
Date: 2/17/05

Dedication: In memory of my great grandmother...

her hand is so cold
so pale and frail within
my hand as my fingers lace
with her shaky touch

I see no pain in her eyes
I see the pale flesh against
weak bone

I see a bright smile
from a haunted doll
a shell of what was before

I can only smile
my vision blurred with
the onset of tears that I fight
at bay

you are not alive
despite the breathing
the screams that echo down
the hall

you are not who I remeber
from long past voyaged
from the past hidden in
a thick black veil that
was my youth that
was shared with

you murmor
your voice
growing louder
at each passing second

" who is she? "

those words stabbed into
my heart worse than any stone
thrown at me

my flesh may bleed but my
soul will forever be scarred
my being forever haunted by those

those words carelessly left
your pink lips and rolled from
yourcareless tongue

at that second a part of me died
at that second a part of me wished you would die
in this second I wish to cry

my grip loosened and I
almost let my damaged control
slip and allow myself to weep in
this foul place

that smells so strongly of decay

my lips quiver
and my eyes blurr
that battle was won and
I mourn in defeat

your words their primary weapon

" who is she? who is she? "

those words
that simple artless question
haunts me everyday

every waking hour that I am alive
every second those words pass my mind

"who is she? who is she?"