1Afternoon Studies

Her cell phone bleeped out the theme to Final Fantasy VII as she rolled her purring black mustang into the apartment lot. Pulling out her shopping bags, Rachel answered the call.

"Moshi, moshi?" she asked in Japanese, even though she was the typical blonde haired, green eyed American girl. Her tight jeans hugged her wide hips and curved seductively over her round bottom. Much to her favor of short T-shirts she wore a black one with Tinkerbell sitting on a shroom holding a lollipop.

"Hey Rach," it was her boyfriend, Zak.

"Hey, what's up?" Shifting her bags and her phone, she made her way to their third floor apartment that they shared with a roommate. Thankfully she had taken the weekend to stay at her parents house where she spent much of her time anyway.

"Where are you?"

"At the house. I'm going to straighten up a bit before you come home."

"Ok. Thanks that would be great."

"Are you at the airport yet? Has their plane landed?" she asked anxiously, getting out the Windex.

"Yeah I'm here and Devon and Roxy are with me." He said, a smile in his voice. As he spoke, she could hear their shouts of greeting and couldn't help but smile warmly.

"Well, bring them home, babe!" laughing, she listened to the background noise some more.

The throaty rev of an engine graced her ear over the phone. He was revving his blood red Camero, he loved that car, loved to race it and make it growl like a wild untamed beast. "Already on it."

Saying bye, she hung up and began cleaning the windows and glass in the apartment. The d├ęcor was mostly black and red, the sixteen swords hung in their racks in the dining area, the low table they used for Japanese style dinners sat in the living room doubling for a coffee table. She shut off her computer on the desk and organized her school books there.

Giving the apartment a last survey she deemed it acceptable and took her black bags into the master bedroom.

Devon studied the Camero's new black leather interior. "It's nice, how long have you had it?"

Turning onto the highway, Zak pushed his engine and easily surpassed the other vehicles. "Almost a year now. I got a great deal on the lot, it was the last one they had."

"You've taken very good care of it." Roxy noted, tweaking with the monster stereo system.

"Of course! Its my Camero!" he laughed easily.

"And a nice one it is, I'm very impressed." Roxy gave Zak a sideways glance and smiled slyly.

Sitting in the backseat, Devon wrapped his arms around the front seat, around Roxy and rubbed her sides slowly.

This was going to be an interesting evening, and a most notable evening. All four were looking forward to this for a long time and now that it was here, words would become a reality and fantasies would be fantasies no more.

Rachel stood over the kitchen sink rinsing off the dishes from dinner as Zak, Roxy and Devon sat in the living room drinking wine and chatting lively. The dinner was delicious, honey-ginger chicken with snow-peas and spaghttini, cooked all by Rachel.

Finally joining them, Rachel poured herself some wine and listened in on the conversation, trying to pick up the lines.

"I definitely think the Paladin quest was far too frustrating." Devon was noting with emotion. "But I think being an uber tank is the sweetest thing."

"Everyone wants a Paladin, you're lucky with it. I personally like Dark Knight the best of them all. It's so badass. I get Drain, Absorb, all the basic Red Mage and Black Mage spells. If I'm doing good I can heal myself in a party. Darks make it a bit easier on the White Mage." Zak smiled and motioned joyfully.

"Yeah that's the great thing with Paladin, the whole cure aspect of it. But I hate it when noobs ask me to be the sub healer instead of the tank, its so aggravating." Devon fumed mildly. "They just don't get it."

Rachel rolled her eyes and turned to Roxy. From the first moment she saw her she was thoroughly impressed and ideas and thoughts immediately began to assault her mind. Roxy's deep brown eyes drew her in as her small build and curvy lines lulled her into a haze. She couldn't help but glance at her sweet round ass and her breath caught in her throat a bit. It took great willpower to pull herself awake and act casual. She didn't want to scare her new friends away with her perversions. " How do you like it here in Colorado?"

"It's very pretty. Everything's so green and lush." Roxy set down her wine glass and turned more to Rachel. "It's nothing like Phoenix, it'd be a lot hotter there by now then it is here."

"Yeah, that's why I'm still here!" she laughed heartedly and leaned a little into the other woman. "I must say though, I really do like your hair color."

Roxy flashed a dazzling smile. "Really? Thanks!"

"Totally! It's only my favorite color!" Rachel couldn't help but reach out and stroke her soft hair, twisting a lock around her finger.

Roxy smiled sweetly and glanced over to Zak and Devon. She noticed the subtle similarities between them as soon as the two got together. Devon stood a good 6'2" and Zak wasn't much shorter. Though Zak hosted soft blue eyes, Devon's eyes resembled Rachel's in a brown-green. Both the men sported wonderfully toned bodies in a medium build and light brown hair, though Zak's hair was just past his shoulder-blades.

Rachel leaned in to Roxy's ear and whispered in a slow seductive tone. "let's go take this into the bedroom, I'll show you my collection?"

Giving the boys a glance in their direction to make sure they were still absorbed in their conversation, Roxy quickly followed Rachel into the Master bedroom and quietly closed the door. Looking around, Roxy took in the room not even noticing what Rachel was doing.

"I like your room. It's really cozy and bright, you don't need many lamps here." She went to the bed and felt the silky soft blanket, leaving herself open.

Quietly sliding over towards her, Rachel kneeled and began kissing her way up Roxy's thighs. "I've wanted to do this for a long time." She stood a bit more up and leaned over to press herself against the soft, petite woman. Staring suggestively into her eyes, she ignored her slightly nervous look and dipped down to satiate herself on her neck.

Sucking, licking and nibbling on the tender flesh, Roxy's moans provoked her further. Slipping her hand up inside Roxy's shirt, Rachel began to drag her nails over her back, moving them around to her breasts that she massaged so slowly, so teasingly, urging another moan from Roxy's flushed lips. "R-Rachel please."

Without asking what Roxy was begging for, Rachel pulled off both their shirts and pushed Roxy back on the bed, taking control of the sweet tasting woman, wanting to make her moan and beg beneath her. Straddling her hips, she began to indulge herself on Roxy's supple breasts, grazing her teeth over her tightening nipples, sucking hungrily. She stroked her breast with her tongue and ground her hips in gently rolling motions into her. Gradually, she began to undo Roxy's jeans, slipping them down and over her wide hips. Settling herself between her hot thighs, Rachel ran her tongue over her quivering flesh, nibbling gently and massaging with her hands. Ever so slowly she made her way up her long, toned legs to the sweetest spot.

Her pussy was shaved, the smooth skin teasing Rachel for a kiss, a lick, and she couldn't resist. Trailing a line of kisses down Roxy's body, she kissed circles around her hot pussy, flicking her tongue between her lips, tasting her sweet wetness and wanting more.

Roxy moaned loudly, grabbing at the bed covers. Rachel's tongue felt divine, like a soft, hot massage teasing her clit to a passionate peak. She wanted more, she didn't want the heavenly feeling to end. She could feel her stomach tightening, the orgasm creeping up on her. "Don't stop." The plea came out softly, almost un-hearable.

Smiling in a sly, shameless manner, Rachel went to her closet, retrieving a red box. From this, she produced a thick, purple vibrator with beads inside that rotated. "This is my collection. Wanna play with me, Kitty?"

Roxy breathed heavily, eager for more. "Of course." She smiled and beckoned the girl to her.

Settling herself over her, she gave Roxy's clit a few more licks and sucks before turning the toy on low and easing it into her. Roxy's moans were soft at first, but soon developed into something more. Quickly coving her mouth with hers in a series of heated, passionate kisses, Rachel hoped the boys wouldn't come in and intrude on their fun earlier then expected.

Working the vibrator, thrusting it in and out of her glistening pussy, Rachel noticed her thighs heating and her pussy growing damp. Distracting herself with Roxy's breasts, she wanted the girl to have her pleasure first before she had hers. After all, she was a guest in her home.

Unable to contain her moans, she had to indulge in Rachel's kisses. They were soft and sweet and deeply fiery. Roxy pulled Rachel closer to her, breaking the kiss and giving her breasts the same attention she had given hers. This prompted more moans and Rachel held Roxy's shoulder tightly.

Zak looked around and noticed that Rachel and Roxy were "missing". "Devon, did you see where the girls happened to go?"

Devon took a look around the living room and dining area. "No I didn't, what are you thinking they're doing?"

"I don't know." He stood and opened the bedroom door quietly. A smile spread across his face and he beckoned his friend to join him in watching the scene unfold.

The girls had locked themselves in a heated kiss, massaging each other fervently, wanting more and more from the other. Their soft moans intrigued the men and they stood and watched for a few minutes before pulling themselves away to take a breather.

Zak went into the kitchen and grabbed a Dr. Pepper for them. "I didn't know they had it in them, they must be anxious."

"I guess, they're awful teasers though." Devon breathed, downing a drink of the soda.

"Hey, what do you say we take a cruise downtown and go to some of the clubs. I think Rachel can get into Club Dominatrix. I think its an 18 and up one." Zak suggested, corking the wine.

Smirking, liking the idea, Devon knocked on the door, listening for the girls.

"What?" Rachel asked, in a sort of a breathless voice.

"Get dressed for the club girls, we're going downtown tonight." Zak informed them. Then to make them anxious he added, "so stop makin' out and get ready."

Rachel sweated a bit and rolled her eyes. "Come on, I have a wickedly sexy outfit for you." Roxy smiled and nibbled on Rachel's ear a bit. "Let me do your hair? I have some great ideas."

Almost an hour later the girls appeared, dressed in black and their hair and makeup done. Rachel wore a short mini skirt with knee-high boots and a string-tied halter top. Her hair was done in soft curls and up in pigtails. Roxy wore one of Rachel's costumes, deeming it more than appropriate. She wore a skin tight black cat suit with fishnet stockings, strappy high heels and a long black tail sewn to the suit. Her hair was held back by a headband holding a pair of cat ears and a black leather collar with a bell attached was fastened snugly around her slender neck, barely hiding the marks left by Rachel.

"You look very beautiful, Rach." Zak smiled and hugged and kissed her.

Devon was drooling over Roxy, rubbing his hands over her waist and kissing her all over her face and neck. "You look so delicious, I could take you right now."

"But you wont! You're going to hafta wait, I want to go dancing." Roxy teased him by rubbing her tail against him.

"My car or Zak's?" Rachel asked getting her purse and their keys.

"What's your car?" Devon asked, still holding his Kitten.

"2004 Ford Mustang." She beamed proudly. "It's nothing special but it's my baby!"

"Let's take mine, I have a better stereo." Zak suggested, taking his keys from her.

Huffing indignantly, Rachel submitted and tossed her keys onto the desk.

They drove around downtown for an hour and as the ten o'clock hour rolled around, they parked near Club Dominatrix and jumped to the head of the line. The only way they could do this was because of a random membership Rachel had to a radio station that's members had no line time at certain clubs on certain days of the week.

Inside were two rooms, one with rock and pop and another with hard techno. Everyone agreed to go back and forth between the rooms, techno and rock were hard to choose between. Roxy kept hinting to Rachel that she wanted to dance, and Rachel knew just how to do it.

A slow, almost seductive thumping song came on in the Techno room and the guys followed the girls there. Zak grabbed Rachel by the waist and began to dance with her, grinding his hips into her and leading her body in rhythm.

Devon held onto Roxy, his mouth watering as the petite girl twisted her body like a belly-dancer around her man. She made him sweat with need and desire when she ran her hands slowly over her neck, down her perky round breasts, over her flat tummy and she lightly smacked her own ass. Devon pulled her close to him and ground his hips into her, loving the feel of her tight round ass against his stomach.

Rachel moved her whole body to the music, indulging herself in the bass and the feel of Zak's arms around her waist. She loved the attention from him, and he knew it. She shook her hips in little circles and twisted her way down his body, rubbing him with her hands.

Roxy spied Rachel and Zak and led Devon to them. She grabbed Rachel and pulled her to her, ignoring their boys that were hovering over them. Rachel smiled slyly and held Roxy's neck.

Pressing herself to her, Roxy slid down Rachel's body, down to her thighs where she nibbled her gently, yet teasingly. Letting out a soft moan, Rachel rotated her hips into Roxy and ran her hands over her hips, massaging her ass.

After two hours so dancing, two hot girls and two slightly aroused men left the club. Zak's car was warm on the way home as the girls chattered happily and the men laughed and sighed at them. The pop blared loudly from his stereo as they weaved their way through the damn city streets to the D.T.C.

Rachel couldn't help but let her mind wonder to her encounter with Roxy earlier, she wanted more time with the girl, she wanted to explore her whole body, find her all her little pleasure spots. She wanted to make her scream with pleasure and writhe under her touch.

Zak glanced in his rear view mirror to see Rachel's straight face, he knew she was thinking up something and he knew just what it was. In the passenger seat beside him, Roxy sat twisted to face the back seat, her legs slightly parted, teasing him. He wondered what she felt like, if she was a little tiger or a passive slave. Rachel could be a slave, and sometimes she made out to be a very good one.

Devon's mind was on a whirlwind trip. Racing with dirty thoughts of the girls. He wanted to take them both and have his way with them. He wanted to watch Rachel dominate Roxy and take her. Oh he was going to drive himself insane with this.

Pulling into the complex they all made their way to the comfort and warmth of the apartment. Rachel went ahead and turned on a few lights, but not many, she wanted some soft lighting. Roxy went into their bedroom to change out and Rachel followed.

"Honey, can you help me? I can't get the hooks." Roxy asked ever so sweetly, gesturing to the hooks holding her top on.

Rachel smiled slyly. She slowly moved up behind Roxy and undid the hook, slipping the menacing fabric from her smooth skin she pressed soft kisses to her neck sliding her hands over her shoulders to her breasts. She massaged them and pinched her nipples gently, enjoying her moans.

She pushed the rest of her outfit off and turned to face Rachel, locking her in a heated kiss. She helped Rachel out of her clothes but left her bra and thongs on, and led her to the bed.

"Tell me what you want," Rachel smiled and sat back on her heels.

Roxy crawled to her and kissed her belly ring, leading a trail up to the round of her breast. "I want you right now. Come on, play with me."

Pushing the girl back on the bed, Rachel quickly straddled her, moved aside her panties and thrust her fingers deep inside of her. She was wetter then she had initially thought. Roxy's surprised gasp and pleasurful moan aroused her further and she dipped down to indulge herself on her soft skin.

The anticipation building up in Roxy was becoming more then she could stand she wanted some and she wanted it now. Grabbing Rachel, Roxy pulled her down to her and locked her again in another kiss.

Pulling her hand away from Roxy's wet pussy she moved away from the girl and laid on her back. "Straddle my face."

Slipping out of her panties, Roxy obeyed and soon felt the best feeling. Rachel's hot, soft tongue massaged her clit and curved into her., stroking and urging her on. Rachel had eased her hand down between her own thighs and was playing with her hungry pussy.

Zak and Devon sat in the living room playing Samurai Warriors, Devon playing his favorite ninja and Zak playing Keiji.

"Do you think they're being a little too quiet in there?" Devon asked, unsure of what to think.

"I bet they're having sex." Zak replied in a heavily sarcastic manner.

"I wouldn't doubt it."

Zak gave Devon a look knowing that he was right. Rachel was a damn horny girl sometimes and Roxy was the perfect toy for her. Leaving the game, Zak quietly opened the bedroom door and beckoned Devon over for a little peek. The sight had them both churning out the dirtiest thoughts.

Roxy kneeled on the bed facing the door with Rachel behind her. One hand covered her breasts and with her other, Rachel fingered the moaning girl in a steady rhythm.

"Come on boys, don't you want to play with us? We're already warmed up for you." Rachel's voice was soft and alluring. She knew they wanted in, and it was only a matter of time before she got what she wanted.

"What are you doing?" Zak breathed, almost having a hard time containing himself from stripping down and leaping on the girls.

"I'm playing with my kitty, now why not come in and play with her too. I'm sure she wouldn't mind."

"I'm in." Devon submitted quickly and stripped off his shirt, kneeling before Roxy he began sucking on her hard nipples.

Rachel reached out to Zak and beckoned him in. "Come here baby.

Realizing he was probably feeling stage fright she went to him and undid his shirt. Kissing him passionately she led him to the bed and proceeded to take off his jeans.

Ignoring his soft protests she took his growing cock into her mouth and stroked it with her tongue and sucked softly. Finally she was able to get a soft groan out of him and he became compliant beneath her. She felt a pair of hands rubbing her ass and realized it was Devon getting frisky with her. "Ah, ah, ah Devon, wait your turn."

He sneered at her in a playful manner and pounced on Roxy. Her giggles and squeals ceasing once his fingers invaded her hot wet pussy.

Turning back to Zak, Rachel got a little glint in her eye. "You want to play with Roxy huh?" she asked, easing herself closer to straddling him.

"yeah." He responded breathlessly

"You wanna feel her moan beneath you. You wanna feel her thighs around your waist as you thrust your hard cock deep inside of her." she continued as she grabbed his cock and slid it into her starving pussy. The look of utter pleasure on his face gave a serious stroke to her ego.

Behind her she could hear the panting moans of Roxy and Devon and she realized they were doing it too. Bouncing herself she worked Zak, trying to bring him as close to orgasm as she could without making herself orgasm, but his cock was too much to resist.

Devon and Roxy kneeled on the bed, Roxy leaning against the wall, Devon thrusting into her madly, eager for her soft body and the pleasure she could give him. Her breasts pressed against his chest, her thighs quivering, her moans in his ear urged him on.

His thick cock filled her and it stroked her perfectly inside. She loved the feel of his body against her, his arms holding her tightly as he thrust harder and harder, all to get her to come. His groans into her neck, when he'd bite her and suck her it drove her mad and made her want more and more.

Unable to contain himself, Devon exploded deep inside her, the pleasurful release consuming him and easing him into a light bliss. Glancing to his left he saw Rachel sucking Zak's hard cock. She was on all fours and he knelt before her, his hand fisted in her hair.

Roxy regained her composure and scooted over to Zak, taking him and kissing him deeply. Devon moved behind Rachel and massaged her ass tightly.

"Hey Zak, may I?" he asked, feeling it appropriate to ask her master before taking the slave.

"Go ahead." He approved and returned to Roxy's sweet lips and fingering her wet pussy.

Fingering Rachel, he teased her pussy with his fingers before slipping into her. Sighing with pleasure, he basked in how tight and hot she felt wrapped around him. He couldn't help but thrust deep and hard into her, she was so amazingly compliant and her throated moans were so sweet.

She moved against him slightly, making his thrusts deeper and harder. She liked it rough, she liked to be dominated by her men. She clenched her thighs and pussy, making her tighter around his hot cock.

Roxy pulled Zak away from Rachel's mouth and pushed him onto the floor. Straddling him, she rode him hard, using her hips to stroke his cock and ever so gently massaging his balls. He was big, and thick and he would subtly thrust his cock up into her on her way down, driving him deeper into her.;

Zak reached up and massaged her quivering breasts. Liking the style, he wanted more. Pulling her down he rolled over and gave her a few punishing thrusts, deep and hard.

Her moans of pleasure driving him on. Taking her breast in his mouth he indulged himself in her hot skin. Her pussy wrapped tightly around him, it was a noticeably different feeling then Rachel. If he'd ever been this rough with Rachel he'd more often then not get a moan of pain from her rather then one of pleasure. He'd hafta keep Roxy around for a while.

Devon leaned down to Rachel's ear and whispered something softly, answered with the same soft tone. Regretfully he pulled out of her and went to the closet, pulling out the red box he pulled out a black jar and went back to the girl still on her hands and knees.

Taking it from him she applied some of the contents to herself and returned to her rightful position.

Anxiously, Devon slowly pressed himself to her, he felt where he wanted to be and eased himself forward. A slight moan of pain emerged from Rachel's throat and he quickly stopped moving.

"No, keep going. Going in and coming out are the two most painful parts, everything else is ecstasy." She breathed, pressing herself back onto him, forcing him deeper.

Opening his mouth to speak he was cut short by Rachel working herself on him. Her ass was so tight but it felt so good. It was like having a virgin all over again. Griping her flesh tightly he thrust deep into her.

Clenching her ass she worked herself on him more. "Oh! Harder! Please." She moaned loudly, gripping the tousled bed sheets.

Obeying with pleasure he thrust into her harder. It was feeling so good, he didn't want to come now, he wanted to hold it off, he wanted to see this girl come first, he wanted to know what she looked like doing it.

Roxy glanced over to Devon and Rachel and a renewed need raced through her. Giving Zak a grin she pulled herself off his cock and went over to Rachel.

"Are you liking this Rach?" she asked seductively.

"Yes!" she cried out, moaning loudly.

"Does it feel good? Is his cock what you expected it to be?" she reached around and felt her pussy. "Oh you're so wet! Why are you so wet Rach?"

"B-because it feels so good!" she could barely speak, her words kept catching in her throat.

Zak grinned and motioned to Devon before scooting underneath Rachel and sliding his hard cock into her tight wet pussy. He groaned with pleasure as he slowly thrust in and out of her.

Roxy stole her chance and straddled Zak's mouth and pressed Rachel's moaning mouth to her breasts. This attention was great and she was loving it, her mind was pondering ways to get her own two guy action, without the ass action.

Devon thrust deeper and harder, Rachel's moans urging him on and the sight of Roxy with a woman pressed to her chest made his mouth water. The urge to come built up in him and soon he felt Rachel tighten beneath him. Her moans were silenced and her body tightened and shivered. He could feel Zak thrusting harder and deeper and followed suit. It was feeling good and it soon became apparent what Rachel was doing. She screamed and groaned in total ecstasy, her body went soft and her head dropped to nibble on Roxy's stomach.

Suddenly unable to hold himself, he thrust hard and came deep inside Rachel's ass. He felt a wave of relief wash over him. Spasms of pleasure teased him when Rachel moved to get herself up off the two men.

"I'm a go clean up, you should too Devon." She smiled sweetly and led the way to the shower.

Roxy lifted herself off of Zak and began sucking his cock, the taste of Rachel still strong on him but she didn't mind, it wasn't a bad taste.

"Oh, hello." He laughed casually but it was quickly subdued by groans of bliss.

Giggling, she took control and mounted him, undulating herself on him, indulging in the ecstasy. She rode him hard, she wanted to orgasm, she wanted to be fucked hard and fast. "Oh I can't get enough!" she moaned loudly.

Pulling himself out from beneath her, he leaned back on his heels and motioned for her to turn around. Gladly she complied and he positioned himself behind her. Easing the head of his cock into her wet pussy, he thrust hard and fast deep inside her. Roxy's groans of pleasure became louder and louder as he thrust deeper and harder.

It was becoming more and more difficult to keep from coming. Her ass against his stomach and her soft wet pussy wrapped around his hard cock was nothing more then a torturous tease.

"Don't cum yet!" she moaned. "Save it for later please."

"I'll try." He groaned. It was feeling so good. She was so soft and so hot, it was pure bliss having her beneath him.

Devon and Rachel returned into the room, cleaned and ready for more. Devon smiled at the sight of Roxy in such a position and he went to silence her a little more. Kneeling on the bed he beckoned Rachel over.

Getting on her hands and knees, she started sucking and licking his balls and stroking his cock with her hand. Taking one of his balls into her mouth she sucked it gently and slowly massaged it with her tongue. She was very careful to be nice.

Abandoning his balls, she took his cock into her mouth, sucking and stroking with her tongue and adding a bit more pressure with her lips, she felt him grow harder in her mouth.

Pulling away, he grabbed Roxy's hair and forced her mouth onto him. He groaned at the feel of her hot mouth around him. It had to be the best feeling to have two girls sucking on you. But his groans only became louder when Rachel scooted closer and began sucking his balls again while Roxy still worked his cock.

"Oh, god!" he groaned loudly, grabbing both their hair in a poor attempt to steady himself.

Just to be a bitch, Rachel left him to Roxy and she crawled over to Zak's side. Brushing his hair from his shoulder she nibbled and sucked his neck, whispering softly into his ear, coaxing him on.

"Don't you want to cum? Can't you see yourself coming all over that sweet little ass?" Reaching down she slapped Roxy's ass and grabbed at it. She was rewarded with a loud moan from the undulating woman.

Zak groaned loudly and reached down between Rachel's thighs. He cupped her still wet pussy and fingered her roughly and she shoved herself onto his fingers, whimpering with want. Reaching over, he slapped Roxy's ass again with his free hand and her moan urged him on,

Leaving his side, Rachel went to her closet and retrieved her purple vibrator and shoved it deep inside her pussy turning it up. Lying on the bed beside them she felt a small orgasm coming on just watching Zak fuck another woman.

Closing his eyes he gave in and in a few quick, hard thrusts he pulled out and came., the white fluid spilling over Roxy's ass. Rachel and Roxy moaned softly, Rachel because she had a small orgasm and Roxy because her mouth was full of Devon's cum.

Falling back on the bed Rachel sighed and watched Zak clean his cum off of Roxy's back. Reaching out, she pulled the woman to her and held her. Zak laid down behind her and Devon behind Roxy.

"Was it good?" Roxy asked smiling.

"Very." Rachel giggled, feeling down between her thighs where she was still a little wet.

"I enjoyed it." Zak agreed snuggling closer to Rachel.

"Let's do it again tomorrow." Devon suggested and no complaints were voiced.