when they snuff out stars
and mute the gentle nightsound
(of blankies boogies &blessed sleep)
quick, gather at the window
and watch - they're a-coming

wave the tinkly fairies away
you learnt long ago that fantasies aren't
real and so why listen to pretty belltunes
that promise faraway eden faintly but
fade with the dawn's calling

wait for the sound of hoofs
Peter Pan we don't need your magic dust
bringing us to nevercoming Neverland
we have stallions of the night
that we gallop with out into
opaque strangling darkness

darling it'll be scary first time round
but we learn through fear not
fickle fleeting fantasies
so let them bring you face-to-face
with (our) ghosts of the past that
never really moved on and
let them unload your excess baggage
- they're horses, not airplanes
they can't carry so much and
actually you can't either

the night's over and so's the
journey your steed brings you
on back to the past and ahead
to what might have been

oh the hoofmarks they leave in your
soul that remind you to cast away
your heavy scary baggage and run free
towards the sunrise which is
their farewell.