Wouldn't you like to know?

Why I feel so alone, so betrayed

Almost every single day

And when you think you know me

You're just screaming at me

You think that you're better

You think that you know

But I'm better off alone

No one knows how hard I tried

All these feelings that I've felt

But even if I hide

They'll steal it away

No matter what they take

This'll never be my home

Even if you disappear

I'm better off alone

You never seem to be around

When I need you the most

So if you just think about me

Maybe you'll see clearly

Let's turn off all the lights

Don't let the screams be heard

I can't wait till' you're satisfied

So you'll get off of my chest

I think you're better off alone

'Cause you never knew satisfaction

They're always around

And you're never alone

Whenever I'm near

You seem to disappear

You want to be satisfied

But you never even tried

So if I end up all alone

You'll know I felt stoned

You'll know you left me in the cold

And I hope you know...

I'm better off alone