Amethystdawn: If any of the readers of Frozen Heart are reading this, I bet you're wondering when the hell am I gonna update, right? Well, I apologize. It will not be soon. It's a busy week in school. I thought it was over after the LQ's but nooo, the nuns insist to keep our hands full with deadlines, book reports, missing quizzes, lost assignments and etc, all for the sake of… CLEARANCE! Else we be stuck forever in the same level…

Anyway I hope you people can understand this. It's a bit symbolic, so please bear with me. Please read and review. Negative comments will be accepted.

Lone Daisy
By: Amethystdawn

Lone daisy,
Why do you cry?
Why do your petals
Float to the sky?

Memories of love
Must you let go?
Does your heart
Tell you to do so?

Daisy, daisy,
Your browned leaves
Fall with a sigh
Why oh why
Do you choose to die?

Lone daisy, it is a pity
You have not known
Hope was a seed
You could have sown.

Amethystdawn: I hope you like this. I know it's not much, but please review anyway. I need to know what you people think about it.

PS: I have a drawing of this in full color, and it inspired this poem. I'm not sure why, but a daisy shedding its petals struck me as sad, and its petals floating in the wind… well, you get the idea…