Chapter 4


The Fair-Faced Man

I met a fair-faced man

On Saturday

At a park on 5th Avenue.

Wouldn't you like to know

Who he was,

What he did for food,

Where he lived

In a city so cumbersome?

Wouldn't you like to know

Why he was there,

And why he was fragrant of

Hot cinders and soot?

There I was,

Sitting on my bench,

Reading from a book

With no prominence,

Pretending I didn't notice

How compelling his presence was

That he too was staring me up and down

And also detecting I wasn't reading

A single word on the pages

Of the book with no prominence.

And then, like magic,

It started snowing.

I watched as it fell

Near his beautifully imperfect face

And seemed to burn from white, sparkling powder

To black ash that stains the lungs.

Dusk was near;

The sun was a canopy

Of blues and violets.

He sat up straight

On his wooden bench

And looked to the sky.

Eyes finally back to me, he smiled

A grinning grin.

Hidden beneath malevolence

That I couldn't seem to catch a glimpse of.

Eyes the color of the sky,

Yet darker and more intense.

I am entranced by these eyes.

These so-called windows

Into a person's soul.

Did I see his soul?

I'm almost positive you are wondering.

He held my gaze forever…

And I saw a brilliant flash of fiery red.

I met a fair-faced man

On Saturday

In a park on 5th Avenue.

He touched my cheek and laughed wickedly.

A perpetually flawed covering

Scars show under his mask.

Markings of a past long forgotten

Fingertips smolder and peel back rosy skin

And I hear, "Tonight, you've met someone

Not quite right, child,"

I look to the fair-faced man

And he puts a finger to his lips,

As if to silence a question unspoken.

Piercing, blazing, hot to the touch.

She thinks someone's crying.

And the fair-faced man

He holds her to his soundless heart

And removes from her

A soul, a beat, an innocence.

"Corrupted, exiled, chaos, revelation."

Whispering voices and dimming light,

Followed by darkness,

And the urge to fight.

Clutching and gasping,

Reaching for that thin thread of life,

But she can't see clearly

And lets go to only fall below.