Take the road less travelled

On a journey to the past

Don't forget to mark your trail

Lest memories fade fast

See past the mist and fog

To the depth of your vision

Turn it clockwise and set it free

On the path to self-destruction

Oh the memories we could share

If only we could bear

To shed a tear with a stranger

And trust that everything will be allright

For now, wearisome clouds cover

Overhead the darkness seeps into

Ourselves as we search for a match to light

As its futile flame flickers on our reflection

Broken mirrors and years of bad luck

Seemingly cursed until we're un-stuck

Forgeting why we came here in the first place

Just forgetting

So try and remember the hazy memories

Gathering dust on the shelves of our minds

For when we leave, they will be left behind

Under a thick cover of shadows