The Rapture
by Kevin Mason

As the End of Time drew nearer,
I beseeched the Lord to allow me to stay,
So that I might help those left behind
And so that I might see the last day.

Then, I heard a Voice of many waters
Saying, "Go and testify across the land.
In these final days, go and preach,
And I shall protect you by My hand."

And so I prepared to set out,
Waiting for the first act of God;
And in an instant, millions vanished!
I could not believe the chaos this had caused:

Unmanned vehicles careened off roads;
Empty airplanes crashed to the ground;
Everyone had lost someone close,
And their loved ones were nowhere to be found.

Immediately, I praised God with relief,
For all of my loved ones were gone.
I stepped outside to fulfill my promise,
And found the street occupied by a massive throng.

"Only He can bring us all true peace,"
They said to each other under their breath,
"It is He who can save us from this;
No other can stand against all of this ."

I assumed, at first, that they spoke of Christ,
But I discovered that they spoke of a man.
This man rode upon a pure, white horse,
And to him was given the power to command.

His powers, though, were not of God.
And the Lord revealed his true form to me:
I saw him as a dragon with seven heads
And ten horns; but this, the people could not see.